January 2, 2012

Star Covered TV Stand

Hello Crafters! Welcome to 2012! I hope everyone had a bomb-ass fantastic New Years. I ended up having a really awesome weekend, despite my annual NYE dread.

My New Years resolution: be the bestest craft blogger that I can be. 
OH, and meet Martha Stewart. I have to make that happen. 

ANYWHO, I crafted all over another one of my lame Ikea items last week. 

You know what's a good question: Why on earth do I have so much lame Ikea furniture? 
Answer: I moved into an apartment after college before I had a job so I literally had to buy the CHEAPEST furniture available. (Why I did this is beyond me.) I left the lame-ness alone until now, when I decided that I want my new apartment to be AWESOME. And an awesome apartment is an apartment with awesome stuff inside. 
Are you following my logic? Have a ceased to make sense? Keep reading. It gets better. 

The good news is that the cheaper Ikea stuff is pretty plain, so it's an absolutely wonderful canvas to craft on. 
When life gives you lemons, cover them in glitter and glue. Ya diggg?

Here it is:
 Do you like it?! YES??!?!
Then keep on reading, fool!


1. Acrylic Gold spray paint in 100% Yellow and 100% Cyan from Blick. 
2. Martha Stewart hole puncher from Michael's.
3. Painter's tape from Blick. 
4. Newsprint paper from Blick OR old newspaper works too. 
5. A lame-ass Ikea TV stand from Ikea.
6. A drop cloth from the Home Depot. 

Step 1:
Place the TV stand over the drop cloth. 

Step 2:
Cover the entire TV stand with the 100% Cyan spray paint. 

Step 3:
Let the newly painted TV stand sit to dry. 

Step 4:
Use the painter's tape to attached two pieces of newsprint together. The goal is to create a piece large enough to cover the top surface of the TV stand. 

Step 5:
Take the hole puncher and separate the top and bottom pieces. 

Place the bottom piece under the newsprint paper. 

Place the top piece over that. 
There are magnets in the hole puncher that will help you find the bottom piece that is under the paper. Martha thinks of EVERYTHING. 

Push down, and repeat until an area covering the surface of the TV stand is covered in hole punches. 

Step 6:
Place the hole-punched newsprint over the TV Stand. 

Step 7:
Spray paint over the newsprint with the 100% Yellow spray paint. 

Step 8:
Remove the newsprint paper.

Step 9:
Let dry. 

New TV Stand:
My furniture is getting better (and by better I mean more colorful) by the day. 

Here is the updated TV stand in it's natural environment. 
Lookin' fly! (Don't judge my DVD collection. I know it's lame.)

Listen up. This is exciting. That Martha Stewart hole puncher is the first one that doesn't limit you to remain close to the edge of the page. It's very special and I love it because there is so much more freedom for creativity! Go Martha! (Just another reason why Martha Stewart is totally awesome.) 

As always: E-me. Send me crafty pics. Send me questions. Love me. Shower me with attention. You know the drill.  


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