January 5, 2012

Sick Day Crafting Part 2: Chain Earrings

Just because I'm feeling better doesn't mean the Sick-Day-Crafting stops. (Mostly because I crafted this little ditty in my feverish stupor yesterday, not because I wish to continue on this way.)

Here is another definition of Sick-Day-Crafting thanks to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary:
Using scrap materials to make something new!
Because you are too sick to get to the stores to buy supplies. Duh.

Reasons using old materials rocks:
1. It's FREE! Well not free, you paid for this at one point. You just don't need to put any more money into it.
2. Junk removal! Every crafter ends up hoarding tons of old materials. It feels real good to purge.
That's all I could think of. If you have more reasons why using scrap material rocks, let me know. 

Back in the day, when this here blog was just starting (lol, that was like 3 weeks ago) I was using a bunch of chain for bracelets, and more bracelets. I have a good deal of scrap chain that has been occupying space in my notion box. 

And that's why I made these:
I didn't ask to be a genius. Baby, I was born this way. 

1. Scrap Chain material from M&J. (I kept them uneven cause I think its whimsical to have mismatched earrings. That's just me. Some people like symmetry. It's up to you.)
2. Earring loops from Toho.
3. Metal loops from Michael's.
4. Pliers from a local hardware store. 

Step 1:
Use the pliers to open the metal loop. 

Step 2:
Hook the earring loop onto the metal loop. 

Step 3:
Also hook the chain to the metal loop. 

Step 4:
Use the pliers to close the metal loop. Repeat for the second chain. 

Chain Earrings:

Lola was all like, "I just need you to know, these are mine.
And I was all like, "Hell no, bitch. I made these, these are mine

And she was all like, "LOL. But seriously, I will cut you. With my claws. These are mine. NOW BACK UP BITCH."
She won that argument. 
(FYI, this is actually her happy face. She was aggressively purring when I took this picture.)

Sick day crafting has officially closed. For now. Winter is upon us and who knows how many more illnesses lie ahead. 

What do you think? What did you make with your scrap materials? 

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