January 9, 2012

Yarn Covered Mason Jar

Hellooo my darlings! How was everyone's weekend? Mine was super fun, but less than productive. However, I did manage to make a few small doodads here and there. You come first, my dishes second, and the pile of clothing on my bedroom floor third. 

I didn't tell you this before because I was distracted, but [one of] my New Years resolutions was to save mason jar-like food containers and use them for crafts. I always intend to do this, and then I get too lazy to wash them out and end up giving up. I know. I have no wherewithal. I'm working on it. My life = work in progress. And you get to witness it! How fun for you.

My first jarring project (get it?! GET IT?!?! I bet you are on the floor laughing. I'm so punny... Zing.)
Yarn Covered Mason Jar-like Container. 

1. Hot glue gun from Michael's.
2. Tea candle from the Chabadnicks on Bedford Ave. I'm not kidding. But I'm guessing you could get these at... Michael's? I don't know - you tell me. Or just slink around Bedford at North 5th on a Friday afternoon and see where that gets you. Also, try to look Jewish while slinking. That helps. 
3. Yarn from Micahel's.
4. Cleaned out Tostito's (mild) Salsa jar from a local grocery store. 

Step 1:
Add some hot glue along the top edge for the jar. 

Step 2:
Carefully place the yarn along the top edge on the got glue. 

Step 3:
Start wrapping! Add some hot glue every now and then to make sure the yarn stays in place. 

Step 4:
When you get to the bottom, glue down the yarn and snip it off the extra. 

I like it. It looks rustic-ish. I think it belongs in a room that also features drift wood as decoration. 
 With the candle inside this is a real mood setter. Imagine a bunch of them on a shelf all lit up. Its a pretty image in your imagination, isn't it. Romantic, right? See?! I got your back. Wing-woman of the year over here. Except for all that stuff where I tell you to use glitter and gush about my cat. That won't get you anywhere with the boys. Trust me. I know. 

Here is a conclusion that you most likely came to on you own, but you know, I want to make sure you know I though of everything. Are you ready?
This is not candle exclusive.
That didn't surprise you or blow your mind, but it is a necessary conversation that we have to have. 
This jar can be used in many, many ways, whatever tickles your fancy really. A popular use might be a pen/pencil/supplies holder or a vase. That's all I can think of off the top of my head but you catch my flow. Right? I hope so, because otherwise I am failing miserably at blogging. 

OK! Enough chit chat. Back to work everyone! E-me if you want me to make this for you! 

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Lea said...

it looks totally jarrming ;-)
your stuff is endlessly cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!

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