January 31, 2012

Topshop Inspired Glitter Booties

I have to say something and some people might not like it. Brace yourself. 
I am no longer a fan of Jeffery Campbell shoes. The quality is bad. I have been in denial of this for a while because the design is oh so good. No other shoe brand uses so much glitter, it makes my heart sing. But it's time for me to face the music. In my humble opinion, the price tag is just too high for cheap quality. I'm quitting Jeffery Campbell. And I'm looking for a support group. Any takers?

This revelation is excellent news for you. Why? 
1. One less Jeffery Campbell customer means I am no longer your consumer competition. There will be one more pair available for the purchasing! Go you! 
2. Jeffery Campbell shoe DIY tutorials. Just because their quality blows doesn't mean I'm gonna stop lusting after their designs. At some point I'm just gonna have to make my own. And I vow to show you how. (Teehee, rhyming.)
3. Jeffery Campbell shoe up-cycles. As my JC shoes deteriorate, I plan to remake them to the best of my ability. 
Starting with today. 

Which brings use to Part 2 of my story. 
A few months back Topshop carried these bad-ass booties and I wanted them hard. But I'm a twenty something living in NYC, so I don't get what I want. (Except that one time when I spontaneously bought Frye boots.)
These are them. Lust worthy, right?! 
Luckily/Unluckily my JC booties of a similar style sans glitter have been officially declared dead. 

So I decided to make my own Topshop glitter booties. 
Bow chica wowow.
At first I was all like, WHOA, that is one seriously silver shoe. But when I put them on, I felt like rock and roll. 
They look real good. See: 

Also, I later found out that Topshop was imitating Giuseppe Zanotti booties:

Therefore, I have actually made a DIY Giuseppe Zanotti shoe. I have to say. I think I hit the mark with this one. I just gave myself a pat on the back. I do shit like that.
(It is also important to note that this version originally cost $895.00. Just sayin'.) 

1. Worn out Jeffery Campbell booties circa 2010.
2. Chunky glitter from Blick. (I took a cue from Miu Miu here. I noticed their glitter shoes all use chunkier glitter.)
3. Matha Stewart glitter from Michael's. 
4. ModPodge from Michael's.
5. Painter's tape from Blick. 
6. A medium paint bruch from Michael's.
7. Newsprint paper from Blick. (Or old newspaper works too.)

Step 1:
Cover the soles of the shoes with the painter's tape. 

Step 2:
Stuff the shoes with newsprint paper. 

Step 3:
Paint the shoe with ModPodge. 

Step 4:
Pour the glitter over the ModPodge. 

Step 5:
Mix some ModPodge with the Martha Stewart glitter. 

Step 6:
Cover both shoes with the ModPodge/glitter mix. Let dry. 

Step 7:
Remove the painter's tape and newsprint from the shoes. 

$895.00 saved! 

And, if you followed me on twitter or liked me on Facebook, you would have seen this bad boy this morning via Instagram.
(That was my passive aggressive way of asking you to follow me and like me. Pls.

You like? Send me pictures of your glittery DIY shoes! E-me!


Felicia said...

Those boots are freaken rad.

Y.S.S. said...


feathermar said...

shiny! shiny! I love it!

OH SO PRETTY said...

We made two different glitter shoes! Check them out!

Here- http://ohsoprettythediaries.blogspot.com/2011/12/diy-glitter-shoes.html

And here- http://ohsoprettythediaries.blogspot.com/2011/12/just-cant-get-enough-glitter.html

Hira said...

I love this... I actually decided to glitter an entire pair of wedges but I used mod-podge!


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