January 19, 2012

Studded Hair Barrette

Today I am offering you a quick little number to jazz up your hair-do. I'm going to be perfectly honest here, I have no idea why it took me until now to make this. It's so wonderfully simple and awesome.
What do you think? Saucy, right?
I apologize for my lack of personality today. I have encountered a new germ and have subsequently temporarily lost my personality. I have also lost my ability to swallow. And I'm having hot flashes. Hopefully I will get some drugs (antibiotics) tomorrow and be back to my usual bubbly self in no time. 

Back to craft.

1. E6000 glue from M&J.
2. Studs from M&J.
3. A hair barrette from M&J.

Step 1:
Add a small glob of glue to the barrette.

Step 2:
Place a stud over the glue. Repeat over the entire surface of the barrette.

Step 3:
Let dry. 

Bada bing. Bada boom. 
Hair Barrette. 

This is going to look so dreamy in my golden locks. 
Things I love about it:
It is simultaneously delicate and edgy. 
That makes my heart sing. 

I bet it would look dreamy in your locks too. You should make it. And then send me pictures of it. Or buy it from me. E-me :) 


Lia said...

So cute, and so easy! Love it :)
Smart n Snazzy

Daisy Dee said...

Interesting! It's nice that you were able to make an elegant hair clip from simple materials. DO you do this regularly? You can make a business with your projects. haircutting classes

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