January 24, 2012

Bow Crafting Part 3: Gift-Bow Ring

Today marks the third installment of an infinite number of Bow Crafting posts. After today, I will resume regular programming. In the future, Bow Crafting might make spontaneous appearances. I can't help myself. I just love bows so hard. 

Are your ready for the cutest shit you have ever seen in your life? (Except for kittens, duh.)
It's a Gift-Bow Ring! 

I was really excited about sharing this... so I made an animated .gif to mark the awesomeness of the Gift-Bow ring.
Like... I went on the internets, read up on how to make an animated .gif, and then taught myself how. I could have gone upstairs to the creative floor at my agency and asked one of the very many capable designers for a quick tutorial, but I decided not to take the easy route and to figure it out on my own. And you know what, I feel proud. I. Feel. Proud. 

I know. Not only am I a crafting goddess, but I am also a digital ninja. This is the full package over here people! Now that I know how to make a simple animation, I might go a little animation happy.
Brace yourself. This is very exciting stuff in Nerdville, population 1.

1. Scissors.
2. E6000 glue from M&J.
3. Ring base from Toho Shoji.
4. Earing posts and backs from Michael's. (Cause why not make earrings too?)
5. Mini gift bows in gold and silver from Paper mart. (I spent a really long time searching for these online - like a whole 10 minutes. Cherish this link. I worked hard to find it.)

Step 1:
Trim the corners of the bow base. 

Step 2:
Add a small glob of glue to the ring base. 

Step 3:
Place the ring base on the bow base. Let dry. Follow the same exact process for earrings. 

I love when simple crafting rocks my world. 

Yes. I wear a Casio calculator watch straight up from 1988. In case you love it, I got it in Tel Aviv, at a tiny hole in the wall watch store. I haven't seen any in NY, except on some really fly people's wrists. If you hate my watch, well then, you would probably get along very well with my sister. Because she hates it too. 

ALSO! My coworkers recommended I wear this on my middle finger. In a scenario in which I am instigated to flip someone off (which happens almost never), I will offer them a gift wrapped insult! I work with some seriously funny peoples. 

What have you made with gift bows lately? Send me the pictures! Want me to make you one of these snazzy finger accessories? E-me!


Erin said...

Love it! I wanted to make these too after I saw Kate Spade's holiday jewelry.
Erin @ www.thanksimadeitblog.com

Lia said...

So cute, it's JUST like Kate Spade's except it's actually affordable! Great job! Aaaand, I'm in love with your watch. I need one; I wish I kept mine from when I was a kid, but who knows what the heck happened to it lol!
Smart n Snazzy

Anonymous said...

kate spade sells the exact same rings!! omg thanks so much for this diy, looooove it! :)

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