January 11, 2012

Sick Day Crafting Part 3: Sequin Cell Phone Case

 I know I told you that sick-day crafting had officially closed.
I lied. I am so sorry. But there is more!  I do believe this will be the last part of the sick-day crafting extravaganza. (Until I encounter another germ. I'm delicate.)

Just so we are clear, this final item was conceptualized on sick-day. MAYBE I executed it a few days later, BUT it constitutes as sick-day crafting for the the following reasons:

1. Pre-Owned Materials: Not only did I already have the stuff, but the phone case was actually used in a crafting experiment gone wrong. I was trying to add gold flocking to the phone case. It simply didn't work. Flocking needs to be mixed with a medium. I knew that, I went to le art school where they taught me these things. But, you know, I was experimenting. I thought it could lead to something beautiful. It did not.

2. The idea came to me in a fever induced delirium.

3. Mindless crafting: I could pay very little attention while executing this project as it is quite the repetitive activity. This is great for sick-days because it is not demanding of body or mind. It was during this activity that I finished the 3rd season of 'Breaking Bad'. Holy mother of meth, that show is flippin' fantastic. (For those out of the loop, the show is about a dude who cooks meth for moneys.)

4. I was hella hung over when I made it, which probably feels worse than a high fever anyways. So it was a "sick-day" after all. Except for the brief brunch outing where I spent an hour and a half sipping my coffee (bloody mary) and staring at my food that I was incapable of ingesting. Maybe I should change the title of this post to "Hung-Over Crafting: Try to Avoid Vomiting"

So here is my third sick day craft: 
I chose purple for two reasons:
1. I had it. 
2. It's the color of royalty. I learned this once in art history. It's a "rich" color. I'm in the mood to be rich. 

1. Hot glue gun from Michael's.
2. Phone case from a guy on Canal Street. 
3. Sequins from Fun2Bead.

Step 1:
Add a small amount of glue to the corner of the phone case. 

Step 2:
Place a sequin over the dab of glue. Repeat until entire back and sides of case are covered. 

I know, it doesn't seem practical, but I have been using the case for the past couple of days. (For real. You can ask my many coworkers who keep making fun of me for my penchant to cover all of my accessories with craftiness.) It is surprisingly comfortable to hold AND sturdy. No sequin suicides yet. And it just sparkles so pretty!

I also need you to know that I am currently listening to this on repeat:
I know. I'm annoying you because I totes tweeted about it this morning. But this bitch is rocking my world right now.  I don't know what's wrong with me... I dislike pop music. This Nicki Minaj love is confusing. I think it's my brain's way of communicating to my body that I JUST WANT TO DANCE. 
(I get it. I'm late to the game. The song has been out for a while.)

While we are talking about music and dancing, I just have to share this. Because I think it is the bees knees and it makes me happy. 
Official Trailer: Girl Walk // All Day from Girl Walk // All Day on Vimeo.

Back to crafty business. What do you think about the sequin phone? Are you sick of sequins? JK LOL. That could never happen. Sequins are special and sparkley and super and supreme. See what I did there? All of the adjective start with the letter 'S'. I would understand if you left me at this point. 

Make it. Show it. Ask for it. E-me. 

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Double D Photography said...

Oh my...where to begin....I feel we are kindred spirits as I never thought there would be another who appreciates the true awesomeness of sequins and glitter! I absolutely LOVE your projects! I shall try my hand at a few for sure. What a great blog...loving the "real" attitude you have, not to mention you are freakin hilarious, in that "nerdy-cool" way only that only another true "cool-nerd" can appreciate. Did I mention that I have a bit of an obsession with disco balls? Love you stuff and look forward to more!

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