January 25, 2012

J.Crew Inspired Gold Loafers

I am all sorts of excited for my first SHOE DIY! 
I have been collecting DIY ideas for shoes in my thought box (brain), but shoes are kind of  really expensive so I was reluctant to get on the shoe train. Luckily, one of my most favorite online shops Asos.com had a sale and I was able to snag some shoes to craft on! 
(You can look forward to not one, but two more shoe posts in the near-ish future!)

Oh, Hello Gold Loafer.  

What inspired me to make gold loafers? Good question, I'm so glad you asked. 
I have been experiencing some MAJOR LADY LUST after these J.Crew shoes:
I seriously considered trying to fit the 250 big bucks into my budget to buy this gold dream in the form of a shoe. I am such the American consumer. But, hey, at least I'm doing my part to help the economy.

Despite my willingness to starve for shoes and my "helping-the-economy" justification, I soon remembered that I am a poor twenty-something and I do not get to buy 250 dollar shoes whenever my heart desires. Who do I think I am?

So I made them myself! TAKE THAT EXPENSIVE SHOES!

1. 30 dollar loafers from Asos.com. (ULTRA SHOE WIN!)
2. Painter's tape from Michael's.
3. Spray paint in white and gold from Michael's.
4. Newsprint paper from Blick. (Old Newspaper works too.)
5. The shipping box from my shoe order. (Or you can cover your work surface with old newspaper.)

Tape off the soles of the shoes with painter's tape. 

Step 2:
Stuff both shoes with newsprint paper. 

Step 3:
Place shoes in protective box (or over newspaper).

Step 4: 
Spray paint shoes white. 

Step 5:
Let dry for a good couple of hours. 

Step 6:
Spray paint the shoes gold. 

Step 7:
Let dry for a couple of hours.

Step 8:
Remove painter's tap and newsprint stuffing. 

I shall pretend these are designer. 

I admit, the J.Crew version is better. Up close. But mine definitely do the trick in terms of overall effect. Plus mine cost a total of like, 40 bucks. Therefore, I win because I can eat for the next two weeks. 

(Except no I can't because I totally lost my cool at the Frye store and bought a way-too-expensive pair of boots. But my current boots legit have a hole in them. And I need quality boots, I walk everywhere! Plus the customer service was out of this world. It all happened so fast...

Back to these shoes, I am thinking about maybe adding some glitter detail. Do you think I should?! 

What shoes have you crafted lately? Did you knock off a designer pair? Send me pictures please!


Robyn said...

As if there's a question as to whether or not you should add glitter!? Obviously! I LOVE THEM.

Arcly said...

nice step by step

Liz said...

This tutorial is just what I need! And I do have a question: is the white paint you used any one in particular? And about the glitter, a little bit might be good, but I really think the shoes are great just like they are already. :-)

♥byAnja said...

i really love your blog!!!amazing diy!!!!


Anita said...

LOVE. THIS. PROJECT!!!! I really think yours look better than the JCrew ones!

I think you should glitter some pumps next!

EricSmiles said...

Rain is going to destroy your shoes unless you have some sorta rain resistant spray.

Thea said...

Love these! Have shared your link on my blog today: http://www.theaandsami.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/fabulous-shoe-makeovers.html

Aoife Keegan said...

What kind of spray paint did you use? I tried this a few years back but the only paint I could get was car spray paint....It cracked after one or two uses. Are you using an acrylic based paint?

They look brilliant by the way!

kbosler said...

What kind of paint did you use? I found your blog because I was looking for paint to spray a pair of shoes, can't find any in my size that are gold. Have to dance in them.

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