January 23, 2012

Bow Crafting Part 2: BOW PILLOW!

I'm starting an otherwise dreary week with an awesome post. SUCK IT CLOUDY, DRIPPY DAY. 
Aint no cloud gonna rain on my parade. 

I have been settling into my new diggs (and loving it) but I still lack the essential couch. (And folding chairs are not cutting it.) I almost picked one out. Then my ninja-mom suggested overstock.com. That was a total gamechanger. There are so many options, it is truly amazing. The dilema: How does one buy a couch without sitting on it first?

Despite my lack of couch, I decided to prepare for it's eventual arrival with some homemade pillows.
Here is the first pillow for my pending couch. And it is BOWTASTIC:
It's cute. I'ts comfy. It's... BOWTASTIC. 
I'll stop making up words now. 

...No I won't. I love making up words. I'm so sorry you have to deal with me. 

1. Sewing machine from Sears. (You can hand sew this. It will just take a while.)
2. Fabric from Purl Soho. 
3. Scissors. 
4. 14" zipper from M&J.
5. Sewing needle from Purl Soho. 
6. Thread from M&J.
7. Stuffing from Michael's.

Step 1:
Cut two squares of fabric. Sides should be about 15 inches long. 

Step 2:
Use the sewing machine to sew the sipper onto one side of each fabric square. 

Step 3:
Place the squares one on top of the other, inside of the fabric facing out. Sew along the white lines I provided. (Open the zipper a bit before doing this so you can easily outside-in it.) Once you finish sewing, outside-in the  pillow case. 

Step 4:
Open the zipper all the way and stuff the pillow. Close the zipper. Place to the side. 
Lola: "What is this magical white stuff?! Is it mine?!"

Step 5:
Cut a rectangle out of the fabric over a fold. It should be as wide and as high as you want your bow to be. 

Step 6:
Fold the fabric with so that the two edges meet in the middle. Then sew along the white lines shown in the picture above. (Note the break in the center sewing line. This is an important. See step 7.)

Step 7:
Pull the out side of the fabric through the hole you left in the center sewing line. 

Step 8:
Pinch in the center of the bow. Use the sewing needle and thread to secure the pinch. 

Step 9:
Cut a long rectangle from the fabric, about 2x the width you would like the center loop to be, and long enough to wrap around the pinch.

Step 10:
Fold the rectangle in half along the length side. Sew along the open edge to create a tube.
Pull the fabric through so that the seam is on the inside of the tube. 

Step 11:
Wrap the tube around the pinch and hand sew it together on the back side to secure. 

Step 12:
Hand sew the bow onto the pillow.

If only I had a couch to go with my pillow. 
 PHOTOBOMB. Lola style. 
 Imagine all the fun things you could do with different color fabrics. The possibilities are endless! 
But don't get crazy. Save yourself (and some room on your couch) for upcoming pillow ideas!

Did you make one? Send me pictures here! Do you want me to make one for you? Order from me here! 

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