June 29, 2012

Mod-podge Heaven: Instapillow

Sometimes, being a DIY blogger is the most awesomest thing in the world. One of those times is now, because I received package stuffed with brand spankin' new Mod-podge products. If this blog is any indicator (and it is)  I go through Mod-podge like water. It is one of the best crafting tools in my very messy supplies closet. 

Look at all these goodies!
Pretty sure I salivated like a puppy waiting for food when I unpacked all this goodness.

I am most excited about the photo-to-fabric transfer medium. With all the cool iPhone photography apps, I have tons of fly photos in my archive that I want to display. I decided to take one of my instagram pictures and transfer it onto a pillow.
Hence, the post title: INSTAPILLOW!
The transfer medium was unbelievably easy to use and worked like a dream. Kudos Mod-podge. Kudos. 

June 28, 2012

Studded Bikini Top

It's bathing-suit season, and I've got to keep up my post-vacation Mediterranean tan. I'm usually more vampire-ish about my sunning habits, but when my skin reaches this level of brownness there is only one option: keep it going darker. 
(Major Lazerrrrr. Anyone? ANYONE?)

The issue: I have maybe one good bathing-suit (because I usually avoid being naked in front of Mr. Sun). Solution: Buy more bathing-suits. Crafty solution: Cover it in studs. 

So I made this bomb-ass studded dream of a bikini top:
Tres chic, oui? 

I totally stole this idea from an adorable boutique I passed one night in Tel Aviv:
Not the best image but you get the idea. 
I was inspired and shit. Whatever. Let's move on. 

June 20, 2012

Metallic Hair Bow

You guys. I am having a moment with metallic silver. It all started with these docs. Then this bag. And finally, with the help of an amazing sale and free shipping promotion, these shoes. So, when I saw silver pleather trim at M&J I knew it had to be mine. 

Obviously, I made a metallic hair bow. Because that's just the kind of shit I do.

It's all very 'space-age'. Pretty soon I'll be walking around in head to toe metallic. Kind of like this:
Yeah, that's me. 
You know you want a piece. 

June 15, 2012

Styled by Tori Spelling

Hidey ho, crafterinos! 
I'm back.  

I have been super excited to share today's post with all y'all. The lovely team at Styled by Tori Spelling sent me copious amounts of ultra-rad DIY jewelry supplies:
Above are the boho and noir collections. Thanks Tori!!

The pieces can be mixed and match to create endless necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Check this out:

It's a crafty revolution.
I decided to take one of the Styled by Tori Spelling pieces and mix it with my own materials to make something new. Cha-ching.

Ladies and... ladies. I made this pretty pretty hand-piece with a Styled by Tori noir necklace bottom:

June 1, 2012

BRB. (part 2)

Hi gize. 
Cool news. (for me) 
I will be OOTC (out of the country) vacationing with my family for the next TWO WEEKS!
I know, I'm one lucky biznatch. 

Point of the story, expect little to no communication via le blogitty blog over the next two weeks. However, do expect lots o' fun from my instagram (a.k.a. my addiction).
I might even tweet at ya fools.

"Where are you going?" you ask in a particularly whiny voice. Well if you have to ask, you will never know. If you know, you need only to ask.

...Juuussssttt kidding. I'll be in Tel Aviv eating falafel and wearing SPF 4million. 

All I ask is that you not miss me too much. And in the meantime in between time, here are some of my favorite crafty places on the internets for you to enjoy in my absence.

(in no particular order)

Sharing is caring.

Also, I just have to say, I'm so happy this exists:
So, so happy.

See ya in two weeks!