January 30, 2012

Up-Cycled Bracelet: From boring to... less boring.

Happy Monday Kids! I hope everyone's weekend was straight up cray. Mine was not, but I plan to make up for this this weekend. You just wait. 

Despite my lack of cray this weekend, I was not particularly productive in the crafty department. (Don't freak out, I have some real good shit planned.) Productivity in the cleaning department was a different story altogether. You could lick my floors they are so clean. I wouldn't recommended it because I have a cat, but I would allow it.  

As part of my moving-to-a-big-girl-apartment process I decided to sort through all of the junk that has followed me through the ten different residences I have occupied over the past five years. You should only know about my mad moving skillz. 

I found this bracelet that I bought on the streets of Soho when I was just a little peanut butter cup in high school. Back then I though it was simply the tits. I was going through a stage where I was into things like peace signs, earth tones, and leaves. I have moved on to better things like neon colors and glitter. (Years later found the exact same bracelet in Urban Outffiters. I'm so ahead of the times.) I never wear the bracelet anymore and it was headed straight for the ask-my-sister-if-she-wants-it-before-I-donate-it pile. But then I was all like, maybe I can make it betterChallenge accepted! (Spoiler alert: I rocked it.)

Check out this two-toned goodness. 
It used to be all gold. I stupidly didn't take a 'before' picture for you. I'm sorry.

1. Pink spray paint from Blick.
2. Old gold bracelet from a street vendor in Soho.
3. Painter's tape from Blick. 
4. A shipping box to protect the floor. (Old newspaper would work too!)

Step 1:
Cover one half of the bracelet with the painter's tape. 

Step 2:
Spray paint the exposed half. Let dry. 

Step 3:
Remove the painter's tape. 

It's like new! 

The bestest part of all of this: I feel like I got a brand new bracelet! And it was legit no cost because I already had all of the necessary ingredients. Yay for hoarding craft supplies. Plus, pastel = on trend. Just an FYI in case you missed the memo. 

Show me how you up-cycled your old jewelry! I want to see it. E-me!


Trish@CraftyMoods.com said...

Very cool!

daniellaprice30 said...

Wow! It looks like a brand new design! the gold buyers in Long Island would probably be interested with that cute gold and pink leaf bangle.

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