December 13, 2011

Wrapped Headphones

Guess what I did? I took my headphones and I turned them into a giant friendship bracelet. 
I KNOW. I am thinking about seeking help for my crafting obsession. It's only a matter of time until everything I own is covered in glitter and glue. 

These headphones are a part of my larger obsession to add handmade elements to every electronic item I own. Exciting stuff, right. This is why I am single have no friends. (JK. I totally do. See.)

1. Scissors.
2. Embroidery thread from Michael's.
3. Headphones from Best Buy.

Step 1:
Cut an extra long piece of thread. 

Step 2:
Tie the thread the base of the headphone cord. 

Step 3: 
Take the thread and lay it over the headphone cord making it look like a number "4."

Step 4:
Then loop the thread under the cord and over the thread. The arrows in the above picture explain this much better than my words. My words have failed me. 

Step 5:
Pull the thread tight so it makes a knot around the cord. Repeat until you cover this section of the headphone cord.

Step 6:
Tie a knot and then cut the excess thread. Repeat with the other two sections of headphone cord, maybe in a new color. 

And now I have a friendship bracelet for headphones. 
Want to know what's great?! The don't tangle as easily! Crafting win!

I'm excited. Are you excited? You should be. 

These are simple to make, but very time consuming. So make sure you a) have plenty of time or b) don't need your headphones right away. 

Imagine all of the color combinations you can put on your headphones! AH!

E-me if you want me to make a pair! E-me if you made your own and took pics! 


Anonymous said...

I am a craft addict too. I like how creative you are and your whole blog.. very inspiring! hope you are well


Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Super cute!! Love this idea. Saw this on Pinterest :)

Angry Blue-green Bee said...

Love these! Glad I came across your blog :)

KatieM said...

Love this idea! I used 3 colors simultaneously on my headphone wire that is 42 inches long and it took me 2 packages of each color to do it. Thanks for the great idea!

Isi said...

These idea is amazing!!!

Unknown said...

how long would it take

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