December 22, 2011

Hanukkah Nails!

I have been seeing lots of Christmas-inspired nail-art going around the interwebs. And, I'm not gonna lie, I have been feeling really left out because, well, I'm Hanukkah. Not Christmas. I decided it is my mission, nay, my DUTY (lol, duty) to bring Hanukkah-inspired nail-art to the people. (My people that is. You know, members of the tribe. L'Chaim.)

I give you: The Hanukkah Manicure.
The perfect nails to match my dreidel spinnin' self.


1. Top/Bottom Coat from Duane Reade.
2. Nail polish in blue from Duane Reade.
3. Sally Hanson nail art pen in silver from Duane Reade.

Step 1:
Start with clean dry nails. Paint on a base coat. 

Step 2:
Paint two coats of the blue polish. Let dry completely. (Not that halfway dry where you are all like "Eh. That's dry enough." Like alllllllll the way dry.)

Step 3:
Start drawing designs onto your nails with the nail art pen. If you can't write/draw with both hands, you may want to seek help when adding the designs onto your dominant hand.
I have mad skillz, so I did it all by myself.

Step 4:
Add a top coat. Let dry. 

Happy Hanukkah!

This is my Hanukkah gift to my hands. 

I pretty much feel like a potato-pancake-eating bad-ass at this moment in time. I have been running around my office showing off my fancy hands, and let me tell you, people are IMPRESSED. They also think I'm bat-shit-out-of-my-mind crazy. But that's not news to you. 

Anyone else rockin' a supa-fly Hanukkah manicure? E-me! 

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