December 20, 2011

Chalkboard Coffee Table

HUGE NEWS EVERYONE. Are you ready for it?
I'm moving. 

Why did I put myself through the tortures of looking for a new place in NYC when I had a perfectly good apartment in an adorable neighborhood with a super-cool roommate to look at and occasionally break bread with? For you of course! (But, mostly for me.)

YOU benefit from this whole ordeal in two ways:

A) A greater variety of crafts for the blog! I have WAY more space in my new apartment. (So. Maybe the neighborhood is a little bit of a downgrade. I'm OK with it. In 5-10 years it will be completely taken over by hipsters, anyways. Plus, it happens to be an easier commute to my workplace. So, suck it good neighborhood!) You see, I am quite limited crafting-wise in my current apartment due to a serious lack of space. My head has been flooded with ideas that I have been dying to execute and share, but I haven't had the space. And now I do! (This  also benefits me because, if it's not already obvious, this makes me a very happy lady.)

B) Apartment crafting! Thats right. I am planning to put my crafty hand on basically every item in my apartment. You should be excited. Holy mother of spray paint this is gonna be fun. 

I'm not moving until this weekend, but I did get into the apartment a little early to paint the walls this past week. While I was there I decided to work on my first new apartment item.

Presenting: The Chalkboard Coffee table.
That's right. I'm home. 

This idea also has a little back story of it's own. What I am saying, basically, is that this is not my original idea. I'm giving credit where credit is due. Like a good chicken. 

Anyways... A few months ago I was hanging out with one of my amigos in Washington Square Park. We got hungry and went to a local restaurant called the Olive Tree Cafe. And guess what they had? I kid you not: Chalkboard tables! Needless to say, I went to town with the chalk. I'm confused as to why said friend continued to hang out with me after this night:
Terrifying stuff, right. A sad mouse, a grenade, a diamond, a garland, and... hearts. Oh, and some pretty aggressive commentary from the sad mouse. I can't honestly define the moment where my parents went wrong, but clearly something is off. Although, my drawings aren't half as... curious as my friend's. Wonky Banana Taco? Car Driven by Grapes? A DNA-helix? Now I am wondering why I continued talking to him...

Regardless of the questionable drawings, the chalkboard table made for a really fun night. And that's when the genius hit me. I thought, if I had this in my house, potential company would always undoubtedly be entertained! (As would I. Notice how all my actions have a selfish motive? It's just a pattern I'm picking up on.)

1. A coffee table. I found mine in my parent's basement, but any coffee table will do. 
2. A medium paint brush from Benjamin Moore. 
3. Chalkboard paint from Benjamin Moore.
4. Painter's tape from the Home Depot.
5. A drop cloth from the Home Depot. 
6. Spray paint from the Home Depot. 

Step 1:
Cover any hardware with painters tape.

Step 2:
Situate the table on top of the drop cloth. 

Step 3:
Action shot! Spray paint the table's side and legs. Don't worry about the surface, this will be painted later. 

Step 4:
Let that sit and dry for a while. 

Step 5:
Use the painter's tape to tape of the top edge of the table all the way around. 

Step 6:
Paint the table surface with the chalkboard paint. 

Step 7:
Let dry for a few hours. Then remove the painter's tape and let the table sit for at least four days before using. 

And then HAVE FUN!

Soooo... How did I do on my first piece of furniture? Did I live up to all of your expectations?! I HOPE SO. Anyways, I think this is a great center piece for my living space. Now if only I had friends to invite over...

Just kidding. I already did that. And I put my bitches to work:
Don't worry, they got pizza and beer in exchange for their efforts. 
A friend will play with your chalkboard coffee table. A true friend will paint your walls while you watch from the kitchen. 

Has anyone else been painting their old furniture with chalkboard paint? I want to see! E-me!


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Dantes Menandro said...

Genius! I'll make one too. I can use that to leave notes to my daughters and it will surely be noticed.
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Scott Alaina said...

This is an amazing idea. I love how the coffee table came out. It looks really classy yet hip. I'm loving it.

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Serena said...

That table looks cute. Though I still prefer it's old vintage look.

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Samie said...

That table will be very useful! I can think of a hundred ways to maximize it's purpose. It will be a great centerpiece in your living room indeed.

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Angeline said...

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