December 14, 2011

Fimo Bow - Because Fimo is Awesome.

I have to say this: FIMO IS FREAKING AWESOME. I was thinking about it the other day. It's a variety of clay that never dries. And then when you bake it - it becomes plastic. It's kind of like magic. I came to the realization that anything I can sculpt with clay - I can turn into plastic. I KNOW, I should have put two and two together way long ago, but I was busy turning Fimo into flowers. It dawned on me a week ago and I got all sorts of excited. Better late than never. Right? RIGHT?!

So what did I do with my new knowledge? I made A FIMO BOW. Duh.  
OK, I made a few. I wanted a hair bow, and a bow ring, and bow earrings. And I figured, why the hell not?! 

1. A Fimo pasta machine from Michael's.
2. A pack of Fimo from Michael's.
3. An X-Acto knife from a local hardware store.
4. A ring base from Toho.
5. A bobby pin base from Toho.
6. Earing studs from Michael's.
7. A drawing board from Blick. The smooth surface is great for working with Fimo.
8. E600 glue from M&J.
9. A small paint brush from Michael's.
10. An oven or a toaster oven. Your call, both work. 
11. A scrap piece of paper. 

Step 1:
Grab a chunk of the Fimo and warm it up in your hand by squeezing it. 

Step 2:
Pull the Fimo through the pasta machine.

Step 3:
Cut two equally sized diamonds and one thin rectangle from the flattened Fimo. The pieces should look like this:

Step 4:
Fold the diamonds in half as above. Make sure the two halves do not collapse on one another and maintain a loop-like shape.

Step 5:
Attach the two diamond loops by squeezing together their tips. 

Step 6:
Lay the long rectangle over the meeting point of the two diamonds.
Pinch from the top and bottom and tuck the extra rectangle to the back side. This will complete the bow structure:

Step 7:
Lay the bow (or bows in my case) on a cookie sheet. Bake in an oven or toaster oven for 10 minutes at 275 degrees. 

Step 8:
Add some glue to the scrap paper and dab some onto a brush. 

Step 9:
Add some glue to the post on the bobby pin (or ring base, or earring posts.)

Step 10:
Place the base against the center of the back of the bow. 

Step 11:
Let dry overnight. 

I made bows! 
I love bows. I think I have expressed that to you before. But just in case you missed it, I like, for real, LOVE BOWS. 

I mean, could this be and cuter? Seriously? I'm asking you. Cause I don't think it could.
Maybe if I added some glitter....

What have you made out of Fimo? These are coming to my Etsy shop. Real soon. Seriously. I mean it. 
Happy crafting!

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you blow me away keep it up

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