December 22, 2011

Tassel Earring

Hey. You. Want to make your boring holiday party outfit way more festive, but don't want to buy new clothing because you are too broke? NO WAY! Me too! 
Holy guacamole, we are so on the same page. 

This year I am feeling particularly poor due to all of the new apartment costs, so I am glamming up my holiday outfit with these Tassel Earrings:
Cause what girl doesn't want to feel glam around the holidays?

Glam glam glam glam glam glam glam.
That word starts to sound weird when I keep saying it.

I was at M&J the other day and I spotted these tassels on their tassel wall. Something about the color was so gosh-darn pretty and I decided I needed to wear them. Somehow. So I made me a pair of earrings. And then I wore them to work the next day because I was that excited about them.  

1. Tassels from M&J Trimming.
2. Disco ball beads from Toho.
3. Wire pins with a base loop from Toho.
4. Small metal loops from Toho.
5. Earring loops from Toho.
6. A pair of pliers from a local hardware store. 

Step 1:
Take a pin and place it through the hole in the disco ball bead. 

Step 2:
Use the pliers to bend the straight end of the pin. 

Step 3:
Hook the earring loop onto the bent side of the pin.

Step 4:
Use the pliers to close the bent side of the pin into a loop. 

Step 5:
Take a metal loop and use the pliers to open it up a bit.

Step 6:
Hook the tassel onto the open loop. 

Step 7:
Hook the loop at the base of the pin on the disco ball to the same open loop.

Step 8:
Use the pliers to close the metal loop. 

BOOM! Fancy Earrings!

Know what's even more amazing? They are really really light weight. I have very sensitive earring-holes and they don't bother me at all!

Party time!

I love the disco ball effect. A stranger in my elevator at work told me I looked festive and ready for the holidays. To be totally honest, I am also wearing a glittery scarf, but I chose to believe he was talking about my earrings. And my smile. Duh. Thank you stranger! 

Anyone else think these would looks absolutely faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous with some winter whites? Get the disco ball in silver and these are the perfect component for any little black dress. They were so easy to make, why not make them in a different colors, with different beads? OH MY! The possibilities are endless!
...I think I'm about to become an earring factory

Have you made any tassel earrings lately? SEND ME THE PICTURES. Also, I plan to make a shit-ton of these to sell on Etsy. I already have a pair in silver ready to go! I'm off of work ALL WEEK next week. You know what I'm going to do? (Other than move. Duh.) Get all of  my products up on Etsy! (And then make more!) You just wait. 
If you really really really really really really want a pair and can't wait for these to get up on Etsy (I mean, I can't blame you. These are pretty rad.) E-me. I'll be happy to make you a pair!

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