December 22, 2011

Modern Antique Mirror

Yea. This post title is pretty ridiculous. Something can't be modern and antique all at once. Except, yeah, it totally can! 

I couldn't have chosen a better time to move into my new apartment. 
Firstly because I have a whole week off of work to move, unpack, and settle. (Like, my office closes, I don't lose vacation days or any of that nonsense. SICK, right.
Secondly because my grandmother recently sold her home to live in a smaller apartment. That house was FULL of gems. Whatever was left in there was mine for the taking. (Well actually, I was pretty lazy about the whole thing. So I get to chose from whatever made into the storage unit. Which is still a lot.) 
First gem: the coffee table. Second gem: the old mirror. (Stay tuned for more gems.) 
And while the mirror is (was) really beautiful in it's original state, I spray painted the antique straight out of it!

Hello Blue Mirror:
I'm literally waving hello. To you. Don't be rude. Wave hello back.

...I can wait. 

Fine. Be like that. I'm not hurt. I'm not crying - I've just been chopping up some onions. 
(Yes, that was a Flight of the Concords reference.)

1. An antique mirror from my Grandmother's old house. 
2. Newsprint paper from Blick.
3. Spray paint from Michael's.
4. Painter's tape from the Home Depot. 
5. A drop cloth from the Home Depot. 

Step 1:
Place the mirror face up on the drop cloth. 

Step 2:
Cover the mirror surface with newsprint and painter't tape. 

Step 3:
Spray paint the frame of the mirror. You might need to do two layers to get a nice opaque color. 

Step 4:
Once dry, remove the painter's tape and newsprint paper. 

And you're done!

...looks like I did a pretty spotty job at cleaning the actual mirror. Must remember to buy better cleaning supplies. 

Blue mirror, meet Chalkboard table. Chalkboard table, meet Blue Mirror. You two are going to be great friends!

Hey. You guys. Do you like my exposed brick wall?! I bet you do. New apartment win!

These are my plans:
Gather a bunch of old mirrors of different sizes and style. Spray paint each one a different color. Then, put them up on my exposed brick wall salon style. Ya diggggg? 

Oh boy, my apartment is gonna look so freaking good. 

Oh, and Happy Christmas! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. After the big move, I will be celebrating a Jewish Christmas. Movies and Chinese food. Oh and hanging out with every other Jew in this city at Matzo Ball. Party time!

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Christine James said...

I just found your website and i'm favoriting a bunch of your projects.
I can't wait to try 'em out!
You're awesome!

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