December 28, 2011

Neon Lace Bookshelf

HELLOOOO!!!! I just realized it's been, like, forever since I last posted. NOT COOL MELISSA. Bad blogger. BAD, BAD BLOGGER. 
But... did you miss me? I sure as hell missed you!

I have a for-real good excuse for my absence and neglect. First I was celebrating Hanukkah with my family, and then I was moving, and before I knew it, it was today. Fear not, for I have been crafting all over my furniture and have a large-and-in-charge-project to share with you today. 

If that aint the flyest piece o' bookshelf you ever saw, well then, you are clearly too cool for this blog and probably shouldn't be wasting your time here. (Please stay. I love you.)

What's that? You are wondering how I did with my wishlist? Well. I did pretty bomb-ass-fantastic, thanks to my ninja parents and sister. I am now the very happy owner of the MIU MIU NOIR SUNGLASSES!!!!!!

I shit you not:
(Remember when I went on my rant about these puppies?) When I wear them, I look like a straight up celebrity. So I made a point of wearing them indoors, at night, on Christmas. (While I was at the movie theater, like every other Jew in America.)

I am also now in possession of a NEON GREEN POWER TOOL.
Way more my style than hot pink. Watch out crafters, this blog is about to go handy!

To top it all off, the Leica Camera!
This is really a gift for you, too. Expect crispy clear pictures from now on!

And also, I got parts 1 & 2 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. 

I pretty much had the best Hanukkah EVER. Not only gift-receiving-wise, but also gift-giving-wise, and family-time-wise. It was fantastic all around. 

I hope everyone else had a fabulous holiday and that you are all excited to find out how I made the Awesome Bookshelf, as it will be named going forward. 

1. Ugly bookshelf from Ikea (Individual shelves temporarily removed). 
2. Two yards of spandex lace fabric from the spandex fabric store on 37th between 7th and 8th. (Seriously, the door says SPANDEX SPECIALTY STORE. Or something like that.)
3. A Drop cloth from the Home Depot.
4. 100% yellow and 100% Magenta Gold Acrylic spray paint from Blick.
5. Painter's tape from the Home Depot. 
6. News print paper from Blick, or old newspaper works just fine. 

Step 1:
Cover the front of the bookshelf with newsprint and painter's tape. Then place the bookshelf with one side face up on the drop cloth. 

Step 2:
Cover the face up side of the bookshelf with the lace fabric. Make sure the fabric is taught against the side of the bookshelf. 

Step 3:
Spray paint over the lace with the 100% yellow color. Cover the entire face of the side. Make sure you are in a well ventilated space while spray painting! 

Step 4:
Carefully peel off the lace. Let dry completely. Flip bookshelf over so that other side is face-up, and repeat. 

Step 5:
While waiting for the lace panels to dry, use newsprint and painter's tape to cover the bookshelf's shelves except for the outward facing edge. 

Step 6:
Place each shelve on the drop cloth and  spray paint the outward facing edges with the 100% magenta paint. 

Step 7:
Let these sit to dry.

Step 8:
Turn bookshelf to be on it's backside but still on the drop cloth. Then cover the whole bookshelf, except the outward facing edges, with painter's tape and newsprint paper. 

Step 9:
Spray paint the edges with the 100% magenta. 

Step 10:
Let sit to dry. Once dry, remove all newsprint and painter's tape from both the bookshelf and the shelves.  Then put the whole thing together...


From super boring and lame Ikea bookshelf, to pure awesome. 
I couldn't imagine the spray-paint-over-lace-technique working any better. I mean, it looks superb. RIGHT?!

And, don't mind me saying, I think it looks great against the gray I chose for my walls. 

What do you think?

E-me pictures of what you have done to bling up your bookshelf! Or show me anything using the lace-spray-paint-technique!! 

I also applied this technique to my table/desk. I spray painted the whole thing purple and then covered the top surface with lace and spray painted it gold. I can't take a good picture at this point in time, because said table is currently covered in desk things, but here's the cell phone pic I took to brag to my sister:
I kind of want to do this to more stuff in my apartment, but I'm worried it might be a lace overload! 
Must not overdose on lace!
I might have to join lace-aholics anonymous. And I'm taking my sister with me. Stay tuned. 


*Daniëlle said...

Wauw You're good
I follow with bloglovin:)

b88073a0-33e7-11e1-9fb6-000bcdcb471e said...

I found this in my 4am-can't-sleep browsing session. I'm in love, and i'm working on one for my room right now! Thanks for the great idea!

Klockarbarn said...

Looking really good. The colors stands out so cool from the brown.

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