December 19, 2011

Glitter Computer

Today we continue in our never-ending journey of adding glitter and glue to every electronic item I own.
The latest victim: MY COMPUTER! 

You should be. But you don't have to be. Because I am about to tell you how to make this without ruining your computer. 

I suppose now would be the time to let you know that my mad glitter-skillz have evolved over the years from quite the shit-show to my current, more controlled, understanding of the material. (Yes. I understand glitter. And glitter understands me. We have mutual feelings.) I have been known to occasionally ruin electronic, and non-electronic, devises with glitter. I will say - this might be my best handled glitter project yet. It's no big deal. Except it kind of is. 

So fasten your seatbelt, baby. I'm about to take you on a glitter ride. Yea, I said that. What now?!

1. The top half of a computer case. I chose the incase brand from the Apple store. 
2. Glitter from Guerra Pigment.
3. Scrap paper or old newspaper.
4. Elmer's spray adhesive from Michael's.
5. Krylon white spray paint from Michael's. (Only if your case is dark. If you are buying a new one I would recommend a clear matte.)
6. Mogepodge from Michael's.
7. A medium paint brush from Michael's.

Step 1:
Place the top half of the computer case face up on some scrap paper. 

Step 2:
Spray paint the entire surface white. Do this step in a well ventilated room or outside if possible. Mad fumes, yo. (If you have a light colored case, this step is not necessary. Glitter shows up better on lighter surfaces. Trust me. I know.)

Step 3:
Spray the entire surface with Elmer's spray adhesive. 

Step 4:
Pour the glitter over the entire surface of the case. 

Step 5:
Let that sit for 15 minutes while the adhesive dries a little bit. Then tap off glitter onto scrap paper. 

Step 6:
Paint entire surface with Mogepodge to seal in the glitter. 

GLITTER! Glitter, glitter, glitter, glitter, glitter, glitter, glitter, glitter, GLITTER!

 This is so amazing. I feel obligated to go do some work in a cafe JUST so that other people get to see my computer case. I like to brag. And now my computer matches... well, me. 
I feel like a more legitimate craft blogger now that my blogging tool is crafted. Know what I'm saying? No? Well, alright. 

 "Hey, Melissa. Why didn't you add glitter to the bottom half of the case?" you ask. WELL, I thought about that. There is a vent on the bottom and I didn't want to mess with that. (Should you chose to glitter the bottom, cover the vent with painters tape. Don't mess with it.
Also, the bottom of a laptop sits on all sorts of surfaces and gets dirty and scratched up. I didn't think the glitter would be very functional there. Plus no one really sees it, anyways. Look at that, I'm thinking about form AND function. My dad would be so proud. 

And, as per usual, I would love to see what crafty creations you have made for your computer. You can e-me here. OR I can make you one! YAY! 


Four Flights said...

this is kind of totally awesome! great job and nice control with the glitter :)

Karen A. said...

I love everything you're doing here!

Tiffany said...

I am IN LOVE with this!!! I can't find a hard case for my laptop :( You need to invent another method :)

Bubble My Licorice said...

ahh so shiny... :D

Robyn said...

I am flailing with delight over this and am about to hop in my car and head to Michael's right this very moment for Mod Podge & glitter!

kate said...

what is the name of this glitter ?!

Sparkleprincess said...

Omg how cute is this? I want to do this but add my name somehow. I'm thinking I'll lay painters tape all pretty like to spell my name and do the glitter and what not around it. :) Yeah?

thatgirl_ellie said...

dying over this!!! i'm ordering a new macbook case right now so i can do this!!

meoww said...

Hey, i was just wondering what kind of moge podge you used to seal in the sparkleess? :)
Im so excited to do this!!! ah! i have a wallet that matches this case! i love glitter just as much as youu, who doesnt though?
hahah! let me know asap, i wanna do this SOOOOON! :D

Melissa Hope said...

I used glossy modpodge!

Me said...

I am SO doing this!!!

Rachele said...

I am working on this diy right now and I couldn't be more excited about the finished product! thank you so much for the idea!

Northington Sellers said...

Would another spray adhesive work? Like the duro general spray adhesive?

Melinda Evey said...

my laptop is textured, not smooth, do you think this would still work for it?

SilverMoon Dragon said...

I picked up a roll of holographic contact paper (book covering adhesive) at the back to school sales after seeing this. Mad props to you for doing it the hard core way!

CarleyJustice said...

My laptop case was "ruined" (looked ugly) by the red fabric in my laptop bag bleeding onto it so I decided to do this instead of buying a new one! It turned out fabulous! Thanks so much!

Tanya said...

This is gorgeous!

Isadora Dantas said...

That is awesome!!! I'll try it for sure.
thanks on that DIY. Love your blog!

jasminepedro said...

Where can I buy the glitter you used?

Selena Taylor said...

Im getting a computer in a few days!! and im just usin invisable glue also some glitter then putting pictures on there :)

Mere Leigh said...

I just saw this and it is super cute! Are you still making them?

Margret Ruch said...

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savagesupply said...

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