December 12, 2011

Hand-painted Sunglasses

It's Sunny outside! And that means two things.
One: I am all smiles. Damn it, I love the sunshine.
Two: I want more sunglasses. 

So you know what I did? I made more sunglasses. Duh. 

Check 'em out!
Looks like I'm dreaming of summer. Who cares that I'm not supposed to wear white after labor day? I'm Gonna! And you can't stop me. 


1. A pair of white sunglasses from a vendor dude on St. Marks Place. 
2. An extra extra small paint brush from Blick.
3. Martha Stewart's Craft Paint in two colors from Michael's.

Open up the first color and dab a small amount onto the tip of your paint brush.

Step 2:
Paint on your design. Repeat in the second color and let dry. 


That might have been the quickest tutorial ever. 
But boy, oh boy, don't they look so swank!
 How perfect are these for all of the fancy folks who are going to the Caribbean for the holidays.
...I'll be here. Shivering. 
 Also, these are straight up on trend right now. Snaps for being trendy!

As Ms. Streisand said "Don't bring around a cloud to rain on my parade!" 
...because then I won't be able to wear my really really cool hand-painted sunglasses!

Listen up, amigos! When hand-painting, don't go all perfectionist. The beauty of hand-painted items is in the quirks! That's what makes it unique. So enjoy the tremor in your hand! There's a reason why you're a crafter and not a surgeon. 

Why, yes! I would be thrilled to make you a pair. Just e-me! Did you make your own?! Show me the pictures! Please?!

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Mr.Filbert. Hutchison said...

It looks really great, patterned sunglasses are the in thing. Thanks.

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