December 6, 2011

Embroidered Cell Phone Case

HOLY CUTENESS. (What I am trying to say is that I made something cute.) 

If you hadn't already noticed, I am forever trying to make my electronics look unique and have an element of fun. Plain electronics are straight up boring! (Sorry to attack your aesthetic Steve Jobs, I think you were awesome.) The way I see it, our phones are an essential accessory and they deserve a little attention! 

Today I bring you the third in a series of cell phone cases.
Drum Roll Please.
The Embroidered Cell Phone Case!

Mixin' technology and fibers like its my job! You see the juxtaposition of softness and cell phone. It's pretty much deep enough to be considered a "work of art." No big deal. 

1. A phone case with small holes. I found this at a vendor on Canal Street.
2. A couple of colors of embroidery thread from Michael's
3. Embroidery needles from Michael's
4. Scissors

Lola was supa excited that I was working with embroidery thread again. 
"This green string belongs to ME!"
Crafting with a kitty cat is sometime an uphill battle. This was one of those times. 

Step 1:
Cut a long piece of thread.

Step 2: 
Thread the needle.

Step 3:

Take two ends of the thread and tie a slim knot. 

Step 4:
Use the needle to thread through a hold in a corner of the case from the inside to the outside of the case.

Step 5:
Start making X's with the thread. Continue in your desired pattern or design. 

Step 6:

Repeat with the other colors until you cover the backside of the case. 

And there you have it!
It's just so simple!

Check out that detail! This is one-handed photography I tell ya! ONE-HANDED!

"AHHHH! What happened to the green string?!?! It was my friend!"

WELL, this case has officially replaced the studded case I have been keeping on my phone. Do you like it? Did you make it?! I'm dying to know. Please E-me. Please. (I love you.) 


Allysa Abalos said...


Sarah said...

I have the iPhone cross stitch cases for sale at my shop at They are a little different- they have a weave pattern on the outside and come in black and white. They come out so cute when finished! -Sarah

Natasha Russia said...

this is awesome!!

Chloe said...

wow this is adorable and so creative! I'm about to make one immediately.

KellyBellz said...

super cute deff wanna try. where exactly in canal was the case bought?

lisz said...

tis is awesome i am so going to do this..thanks

The Crafty Angel (aka Manicured/Headacheslayer) said...

OMG now I need to find that case! I have a weird Android phone so most covers won't work w/ my camera lens placement. BUT you are a GENIUS!!! Congrats for making it on Huffington Post ;)

Floor Zegiklekkerniet said...

I tried it on my iPod case, but now my ipod doesn't fit in anymore.. I think it only works with iPhone cases.. Xx

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