November 30, 2011

Studded Pill Box - For the Bad-Ass Granny that You Are

I don't know about you, but I pop Advil like candy. If ANYTHING is hurting me, I make sure that shit is eradicated with my best friend: Advil. So, I like to carry a supply around with me. I have yet to find a cute AND convenient pill box to keep in my purse. I want to feel fabulous while I act like a hypochondriac. Good stuff, right? Aren't you so glad you found me? 

Since I couln't find what I wanted, I made it my job to make it. Ladies and Gentlemen, (do any gentlemen look at this blog?) I give you:
The Studded Pill Box

1. Small studs from M&J
2. A small paintbrush from Michael's
2. Martha Stewart craft paint in black from Michael's
3. An Altoids Smalls tin with the mints removed from a local drug store
4. A scrap piece of paper
5. **NOT PICTURED** E6000 glue from M&J

Step 1:
Paint the Altoids tin with the black paint all over the exterior.

Step 2: 

Let that dry completely. 

Step 3: 
Take a few studs and plot out the positioning vertically and horizontally. Planning is cool!

Step 4:
Put some glue onto the scrap paper and dip the paintbrush into it. 

Use the paintbrush to add a small amount of glue to the back of a stud. Place stud in position onto the painted tin. 

Step 6:
Repeat until the top of the tin is covered in studs. Then let it sit to dry. 

And now I have a trendy pill-box!
(who knew that the adjective "trendy" could ever describe a pill box?)

Supa' fly! Send me your trendy pill boxes here. I think we may have tapped into a goldmine here. No one else makes this shit! 

And, I KNOW. I have been going a little stud-crazy. Forgive me. I like them. 

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