November 29, 2011

Rhinestone Sunglasses!

More sunglasses? YES. More sunglasses. Never enough sunglasses. And these are FANTASTIC. 

A few weeks back I found this image somewhere:
Boy, oh boy, oh boy! Was I excited. I have been looking forward to making my own ever since. (And, AGAIN, I lost the source. It was not a DIY item, but rather sunglasses for sale. And they were mucho dinero. Not an option for me to purchase.)

Mine are not half bad! Check it out!

1. E6000 glue from M&J
2. Cat eye sunglasses from St. Marks
3. Clear rhinestones from Michael's
4. A small paint brush from Michael's
5. A piece of scrap paper

Step 1:
Plot out the placement of your rhinestones. This will help you understand what sort of space you have and what you can do with it. Planning is important!

Step 2:
Add some glue to the scrap paper and dip your brush. 

Step 3:
Add a small amount of glue to the backside of a rhinestone.

Step 4:
Place rhinestone onto sunglasses. Repeat until all of your rhinestones are where they belong on both sides of the glasses.

Step 5:
Let glasses sit to dry.

So easy, SO GLAM!

This is me winking at you. You can't tell... cause I'm wearing sunglasses. So I just look like an asshole with my mouth wide open. I should have thought that through...
Could I be a bigger nerd? 
No. The answer is no.

The end. 

I can't wait for you to send me your sun-goggles HERE!  I'll be happy to help you out and make them for you. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO. 

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