November 3, 2011

Let's Make a Chalkboard!

Hi again! You are about to learn how to make a chalkboard. "Make a chalkboard?" you ask. YES! It's just like magic. So exciting. 

1. Chalkboard paint from Benjamin Moore Store
2. Paint brush from Benjamin Moore Store
3. News print or other cheap paper 
4. Frame and board (or in this case - old canvas) I bought this at a store called "Junk

And let me tell you a thing or two about Junk:
For all of you New York City-based crafters, upcyclers, DIYers, hoarders, and people who like to collect useless crap, I am about to BLOW YOUR MIND. Junk is an awesome store in Williamsburg, right off of the Bedford L stop. Too easy! 

The store is named pretty accurately, it is a store full of junk:

I have found some serious treasures in this dusty goldmine. Shopping here can be a bit overwhelming without an agenda. Believe you me, I ALWAYS have an agenda at Junk. This trip was to purchase frames. And look at all of my options! (Sorry for the blurry pic! I was using my phone.):

I also picked up some silverware for a later project. So, get excited for this: 

And maybe, just maybe, you fancy a fake fireplace with a ship on top:

These are just some of the great things you can find at Junk. The frame and canvas that I bought for this chalkboard cost only 10 dollars! 10 dollars I tell ya! So, go there to buy supplies! You can thank me later. 

And now, back to our scheduled programming.

Step 1:
Cover your working space with paper and place your frame and board in the center. (I should also note - whoever painted this ugly thing laid the paint on THICK. To avoid texture on my chalkboard, I sanded it down.)

Step 2: 
Open up the chalkboard paint and mix it up to make sure it has an even consistency. "Who is that furry face in the top right corner?" you ask...

That's my cat! I like to call her Bitch Face! Here she is making a bitch face:
DON'T WORRY, her name isn't really Bitch Face. That's just an endearing nickname. She is actually named Lola, and she likes to be involved in my projects. So you can get used to seeing her photobomb my pictures. 
YOU GUYS! Stop distracting me. Back to business.

Step 3: 
Paint on the Chalkboard paint

Step 4: 
Let dry for at least four hours.

Step 5: 
Paint on a second layer.

And, DuDuDuDahhhhhh:

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Jaclyn Lambert said...

Yo. Have you checked out the tutorials on how to make your own chalkboard paint? You just mix your own colors, a little water, and some plaster of paris.

Pretty cool. Definitely wanna try this.

Love your blog! I just found it this morning and after reading your "about me"... we have a lot of similarities. Cheers

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