November 9, 2011

Hardware Friendship Bracelets

Hey, guys! I'm about to show you how to make bracelets entirely out of materials from The Home Depot. That's right. This chick knows her way around The Home Depot

No, that's not true. I can't lie to you! I literally had to ask 9 different employees for help to find 4 items. There were 10 items on my shopping list. I gave up on the rest. So sad. So, SO sad.

What is exciting, at least in my opinion, is how you can make awesome girly stuff from the manliest store I know. So next time your boyfriend, manfriend, lover, husband, brother, dad, uncle, or any other sort of male companion drags you to The Home Depot, you will have an agenda all your own. And it will BLOW THEIR MIND. 

What you need:
1. Scissors
2. Neon rope from The Home Depot
3. Hex nuts 1/4" from The Home Depot

Step 1:
Cut two long stands of your neon rope. I cut an arm span length, which was too generous but also safe because I knew I wouldn't run out of rope. 

Step 2:
Fold each string NOT IN HALF but so that one side is a few inches longer than your desired bracelet length and the other side is very very long. Then tie the two stands together in a loop as shown above. 

Step 3:
Arrange your stands to have the two short ones in the middle and the long ones on the sides.

Step 4: 
Thread a hex nut on the inner two strands.

Step 5:
Take the left strand and place over the shorter two strands so that it looks like a "4."

Step 6:
Thread the long stand under the shorter two and then over itself.

Step 7:
Pull tight! Now repeat on the right side. The repeat steps 4-7 until the bracelet is at your desired length.

Step 8:
After the last hex nut, tie a knot with the strands to secure the bracelet. 

Step 9:
Slide a hex nut onto the shorter two stands.

Step 10: 
Tie a knot around the last hex nut with both longer strings together. (This will serve as your clasp. When you're ready to wear your bad-ass bracelet - just loop the last hex nut through the loop made at the top of the bracelet. Genius!!) 

Go crazy, try some experimenting with different patterns and colors. I made all four of these in about an hour's time! And I'm gonna wear them to work tomorrow!

Did someone say arm party??
I'm so fly. 

E-me pictures of YOUR amazing hardware creations! Too scared of The Home Depot to make your own? I'll be happy to help you out... for a price! E-me your request! 

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