November 10, 2011

My Phone is a Stud

Remembered when I made glittery sunglasses and you were all like "why so much glitter?" and I promised you that I would do my best to show alternative materials to glitter sometimes? THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES! This is great news for all of you glitter haters out there. (I don't get you.)

For my first post I made my cell phone case sparkle with glitter. It was glorious. Today, we are going to turn your cell phone into a studded dream. Goodbye glitter, hello hardware. (It hurt my heart to type that.) No, but for real, I do love me some studs and I have been looking forward to making this for a while. Are you ready? Get set. GO!

1. Iron-on studs from M&J (for an iPhone, I needed two packs plus 2 studs from the third)
2. A small paint brush from Michaels
3. Strong glue from M&J
4. An old cell phone case (I suggest a slim and stiff case with a very flat back. I used an Incase brand case. Highly recommended)
5. Some sand paper from my local hardware store
6. A working surface (I used some old foam core than I found lying around under my bed)

Step 1: 
Lightly sand the surface of the cell phone case to give a rough texture. This helps the glue bond the two surfaces together. Don't get crazy! When you are done your case should look something like this: 

Step 2: 
Plot out your studs in a horizontal and vertical line. PLANNING IS IMPORTANT. This will help you get an idea of how tightly you should pack your studs. AND you won't end up with half a stud hanging off the edge. Planning rules.

Step 3: 
Put some glue on your working surface and dip your paintbrush into the goop.

Step 4: 
Cover the back side of a stud with glue using the paint brush.

 Step 5: 
Place stud in its position. Repeat with studs until entire surface is covered.

Step 6: 
Let that baby sit and dry for a while. Then clean up any access glue.

And here you have it:
A bling-bling pimped out cell phone that DOES NOT have any glitter on it. Who knew I could swing it? This shit is pretty classy. YOU'RE WELCOME. 

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