November 3, 2011

First Post! Glitter Cell Phone Case!

Hey, Internets! It's really awesome to see you here on my new BLOG! I'm Melissa and I'll be your crafting guide. I am going to show you how to make all sorts of cool shit. WOOT!

For my first post, I decided to show you how to make a glittery cell phone case.

 This is a *pretty* simple project, and maybe it doesn't show off my mad crafting skillz. But think about this - your cell phone is an essential item that you use constantly, and we are making it cuter than it already is! WIN. And, hey, we can only go up from here. So with out further ado, let's talk supplies!

Things you need:

1. Cell phone case (I grabbed an old one of mine that I don't use anymore)
2. Masking tape or painters tape from and hardware store or staples 
3. Glue from my local art store
4. A paint brush from my local art store
5. Glitter (This glitter is from Guerra in NYC. They make awesome Glitter. More on that later)
6. A piece of paper to collect the glitters

Step 1: 
Use the masking tape or painters tape to cover any areas that you don't want glitter.

Step 2:
Using Paintbrush, apply a layer of glue evenly across the surface of the cell phone cover. *PLEASE NOTE – for smooth surfaces, you might want to roughen it up with some sand paper so that the glue takes to the surface*

Step 3:
Poor glitter over glue

Step 4:
 Tap off excess glitters.

Step 5: 
Save the glitters!

Step 6:
Let sit. For a while. And then take of the tape once completely dry. 

 The final product:

And here is a blurry picture of me holding it awkwardly while simultaneously trying to photograph the whole thing. (Disclaimer: my hands are dirty from working on the next post! Don't judge my dirty hands!)

Send me pictured of your awesome glittering cell phones! Love it but don't have the time to make your own? e-me and I can sell this shit to you on Etsy! Happy Crafting! 


Lindseylizard said...

Has any of the glitter fallen off?

snopeep said...

Yes, I too am very curious about the potential of the glitter coming off of the case. Is there something we could use to seal it afterwards? I'd want to ensure that it didn't glitterfy everything it came in contact with.

Melissa Hope said...

To seal in the glitter you can add a top coat of Modpodge. Or you can also add a top coat of clear nail polish. The glitter with lose just a little bit of sparkle with the top coat, but it will definitely prevent glitter shed!

Susan said...

You are too funny and I love all your projects!

adawg said...

i did this but my glitter keeps falling into my hand and i need to know how to seal the glitter

Melissa Hope said...

@adawg: see the third comment on this chain!

Chocolate Fish said...

I did a phone like this in pink glitter ages ago, and I stole some polyurethane off my father to seal it. Took 14 hours or some ridiculous amount of time to dry, but it sealed it well. I also put some OPI quick dry top coat on to add a shiny finish to the glitter. It smelt of polyurethane for ages, but it still hasn't chipped!

Linda said...

Very Excellent thought! I like the idea so much. but would like to modify it. In order not to loose it! mobile phones

Brooke Dees said...

What's the name of the glitter you used?!

Lisa Graham said...

What a great idea, My gorgeous smart phone is in for repair at the moment so may have to try this out on my out dates brick!

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