November 18, 2011

DIY Vintage Earrings. WHAT?!

You heard me right. DIY vintage earrings! Well, not for real vintage earrings, but vintage style earrings.
Lookin' granny chic! Right? RIGHT?!

I love vintage fashion, but I rarely wear it. Why? you ask. Because I hate vintage stores. First of all, they smell really bad. Like moth balls, dust, and sadness. Also, ever since the bed bug infestation in NYC, I have developed a phobia of secondhand stores. I don't know, I just think secondhand stores are like a breeding ground for bed bugs. It's not totally logical, but we all got a little bit of crazy in us. 

So back when I was still a fetus in high school, I bought this crazy bag of Fancy Buttons from Michael's:

No really, they are called "Fancy Buttons." And I have the Value Pack. Bad-ass. 
I thought that I could use them to jazz up a boring shirt. I never did that. And good thing I didn't, because these earrings are gold. (Well, actually plastic, but you know what I mean.) So with out further ado...

1. Fancy Buttons from Michael's
2. E6000 glue from M&J
3. An extra small paint brush from Michael's
4. Pliers and/or an Exacto knife
5. Earring studs and backs from Michael's
6. A working surface – I used some old foam core

Step 1:
See that button hole thing that my thumb is pointing at? We need to get rid of that.

Grab your pliers or Exacto knife and break it off.

The back of the button should be flat when you are done, like mine above. 

Step 2:
Drop a glob of glue on your working surface and get some on the tip of your brush. 

Step 3:
Add a small amount of glue close to the edge of the back of the button.

Step 4: 
 Place earring stud on top of glue. 

Have the stud sit right on the edge of the back, like mine above. 

Step 5: 
Let sit and dry overnight.

And now I have a bunch of vintage earrings without having to take a step in a vintage store!

And here are some pictures of my gorgeous friend Ashleigh wearing my new earrings!
My friends are pretty!

They look great! I am so excited to wear all of them. e-me your awesome button earrings!


Art Student Extraordinaire said...

Melissa, I love these!!! Awesome blog, beautiful stuff


Teesh said...

Wow! These are awesome!

Wanda said...

What a lovely collection of earrings. Thanks for the detailed instructions!

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Katie Aszklar said...

Thank you for this lovely tutorial! I was inspired by you, and made a bunch of vintage style earrings! I wrote about them and featured your tutorial on my blog. I used one of your images (with clear credit & linkage!), please let me know if that's okay.

Katie Aszklar said...

So the only account I could link up to Blogger is my google+ profile (YUCK), so you can't see anything about me. My url is ! Once again, thank you for teaching the ways of the vintage style earrings ;)

Melissa Hope said...

Thanks for the kind words Katie! You are more than welcome to share!

daniellaprice30 said...

You did a great job with those buttons. They look like authentic vintage earrings. I'm one of the gold buyers in Long Island but I think it doesn't hurt if I am to own some of your cute earring collection.

Cassandra Ikegbune said...

Love it!! I'm going to try this out

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