November 4, 2011

That's Right. I made Glitter Sunglasses.

Last night I made me some glittery sunglasses. Yes, on a Thursday night, while you were out drinking with your friends, I was at home crafting. It was EPIC. (But for real, I swear I have friends. Lots of 'em! It's just - I'm running this marathon on Sunday so I'm trying to limit my partying until after I do that.) 

Now, I know what you are thinking. This is only my third post and I have used glitter two times already. That's a lot of glitter. 
LISTEN UP, PEOPLE: there is going to be tons of glitter on this blog. Why? BECAUSE I FREAKING LOVE IT. That's why. I will, however, offer alternative materials some times when appropriate for all those glitter haters out there. This does not happen to be one of those times. SO DEAL. 

Anyways, I have fallen head over heels in love with Miu Miu's Fall 2011 Noir sunglasses: 
I want them. I need them. I decided that they would be mine, whatever it took. I called my mom in September letting her know that I found my Hannukah gift and that she could pay me back for them at her earliest convenience. I marched myself to the Miu Miu store in Soho to secure my pair. Lo and behold, they are VERY MUCH sold out, and the lovely sales ladies didn't know when they would be back in. They did not offer to put me on a waiting list. RUDE. I offered my phone number so that they can call me when they expect a new shipment. They took it down on a post-it. A POST-IT. There is no way they are going to call me. Ever. About anything. 

So the only option at this point was to make my own pair. That being said, should these babies become available for purchase again, I WILL be buying them. The ones I made are great, but Miu Miu's are better. No, not better - they are perfect. I don't care that they cost almost 400 dollars! I'll starve for a few weeks. That's no big deal, I could stand to lose a few pounds anyways. I'M WATCHING YOU MIU MIU. I'M READY TO POUNCE. 

What you need to make your own Miu Miu Noir sunglasses:
1. White spray paint from Michael's
2. ModPodge from Michael's
3. Paint brush from Michael's 
4. Masking tape from my local hardware store
5. Glitter from Michael's (I chose Martha Stewart's Rose Quartz)
6. A pair of old sunglasses (or buy new cheepies, maybe from Urban Outfitters)

Step 1: 
Tape off the lenses 

Step 2: 
Spray paint glasses with the white spray paint (Glitter shows up better on a light surface. Only take this step if your glasses are dark like mine.)

Step 3: 
Mix equal parts ModPodge and Glitter with your paint brush

Step 4:
Paint your sunglasses with the Glitter/ModPodge paste

Step 5: 
Let dry

Step 6: 
Peel off masking tape

Step 7: 
If it's looking a little thin in certain areas (like mine), touch up with your Glitter/ModPodge mix.

And here is a low-quality picture of me wearing my new faux-designer sunglasses. At night. In my bed.
 SUPERCUTE! Now you make some! Or e-me and I will be happy to take your custom order! Ciao! 


Meg said...

I need to try this

(>’_')> Sunny said...

Hey I totally tried this and I'm in love with how they turned out! Thank you for the crafty idea

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