November 22, 2011

Drunk Crafting: Wrapped Sunglasses

I made these on Saturday night, between 1am and 3am, after coming home from a party:

Most people eat pizza and/or make out with strangers at 1am on a Saturday. I go to town with my crafting supplies. WHO AM I?! 
This is why I'm single. 

But I am particularly pumped about these sunglasses cause they are really really rad. I wore them the next day around the city and TWO people asked me where I got them. (This was all fuel to my Etsy shop fire. Coming soon.) The best part: these are stupid easy to make. I mean, think about the state I was in when I made these. Now imagine how much more potential they would have had if I made them twelve hours earlier. Eh? EH?!

Now that's food for thought.

1. Cheap Sunglasses that I got at an office fiesta a couple of months back. (if you need to buy a pair, try Urban Outfitters or St. Marks for my New Yorkers)
2. Scissors.
3. Embroidery thread in a variety of colors from Michael's.

Step 1:
Pop out the lenses.

Step 2:
Tie some embroidery thread around the top of the glasses frame.

Step 3:
Start wrapping the thread around the frame. Then tie a knot once you get the nose piece. (I have NO idea what that part is actually called.)

Step 4:
Do the same thing (maybe with another color) to the side of the frames.

Do this until both sides, top of frames, and nose piece are wrapped. It should look like mine above.

Step 5: 
Chose a new color and tie a knot around the frame where the thread is already wrapped. 

Step 6:
Wrap the new thread in a crisscross patter over the previously wrapped thread. Repeat on the sides and the nose. 

Step 7:
Pop the lenses back into place. Not gonna lie, this was kind of hard. It took some serious thumb muscle. (You will also notice I added sparsely wrapped green thread at the bottom of the frames and did not photograph that step. This was sort of a game-time decision.)

And Voila!
Hawt, right?! I'm, like, all set to go to electric zoo.

Super Cute!

Here I am in my bed, alone, at 3am, wearing sunglasses. (Where did my parents go wrong?)
You want to know why I have a band-aid on my finger? Crafting accident. The plexiglass... it cut me. 
OK?! Are you happy now?

Hey! Remember when photo booth effects were super cool?
Whatever. It was late. I probably should have just gone to sleep. 

Here's another thought: These make AWESOME holiday gifts. People love handmade stuff cause it shows you cared enough to put in some time. Plus it's super cheap! And cute! And usable!
I'm clearly a little too excited about this one. 

e-me with your crazy sunglasses! Or I can make some for you! Just send me the request. I'll be producing more in the next couple of days for my Etsy shop! Get excited!

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Dori the Giant said...

I made wrapped glasses in like 2010 and they also got so much attention from people! It's nuts. :) Yours are much more funkier than mine though.
Take care!

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