November 14, 2011

More Bracelets!! WOOOO!

Hey, guys! Remember when I made bracelets entirely of materials from The Home Depot?!?! Well... we will not be doing that today. 
We will, however, be making super nifty bracelets out of materials normally used to make bracelets! YAY for being boring (and knowing my way around the supplies store)! No for real - the outcome is not boring. PLEASE KEEP READING! (I'm nothing without you.)

What you need:
1. Scissors
2. Leather strand from M&J (embroidery thread also works like a dream)
2. Leather braided cord from M&J
3. A rhinestone chain from Toho
4. Ball chain from M&J
5. 1/4" hex nuts from The Home Depot
6. Pliers from a local hardware store

Step 1: 
Cut a piece of the braided leather cord to your desired length. I decided that my bracelet would wrap around my wrist twice, so mine is pretty long. 

Step 2: 
Tie a loop with your leather strand (or embroidery thread) and then secure that to the braided leather cord with another knot. Your loop will act as part of your clasp for this bracelet. It should be large enough to fit a 1/4" hex nut through, but small enough so that it won't slip through on its own. 

Step 3:
Hold the ball chain in place against the leather braided cord and start wrapping the leather strand around the cord and the chain. Make sure the leather strand is in the nooks in between the balls of the chain. Do this all the way until you reach the bottom of your braided leather cord. 
(This picture explains this so much better than my words. I did not major in English. And there is a reason for that.) 

Step 4:
Tie a knot with the leather stand and cut the ball chain off where the bracelet ends.

Step 5:
Thread a hex nut onto the leather strand and secure it with a knot. Then cut away the extra strand with you scissors (not pictured).

Step 6: Go CRAZY!
Follow the same steps with a rhinestone chain, or a pearl chain. Experiment a little! HAVE FUN! GO NUTS!!!

Now take a look at my bad-ass arm party!
I could make these all day. 

And so can you! e-me your beautiful creations! OR I'll make them for you!

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