November 14, 2011

I Made an Earring Tree

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope this past weekend was awesome all around. While you were out gallivanting, I was in playing with glitter and glue. Are you SO excited to see what I made? I knew you were. 

1. Wire mesh from a local hardware store
2. Scissors
3. A cheap frame from Michael's
4. Two paint brushes (one extra small, one small) from Michael's
5. A stapler from Staples (tee hee)
6. A board or working surface that you can throw away – I used some old foam core that I found under my bed

1. A ribbon – I got mine from my Grandmother's old sewing supplies bin – but they have lots of ribbons at Michael's or M&J

1. ModPodge from Michael's
2. Jewel Star rhinestones from Michael's
3. Martha Stewart Glitter from Michael's
4. Strong glue from M&J

Step 1:
Remove everything from your frame except the frame itself. You will not need this stuff so you can feel free to throw it all out or hoard it for a future project. I chose the latter. I hoard. 

Step 2: (optional)
Mix equal parts glitter and ModPodge.

This is the first in a series of steps to decorate the frame. This is optional. I obviously decided to make my frame glittery (to match my glittery earrings and my glittery soul and my now glittery face - 'cause I got glitter all over myself during this project). 
Glitter ain't yo thang? Try spray-painting the frame a fun color! Maybe you fancy yourself a plain-jane or a minimalist – don't decorate the frame at all! Or MAYBE you found a nice frame to begin with and you don't have to hide it's shittyness with copious amounts of glitter and glue. 
I don't know what your situation is – but the point is – go crazy (or not) with decorating. It's up to you! 

I will continue to show the steps on my decorating journey, mostly for my own happiness. And a little bit for your benefit (but mostly for my happiness).

(ALSO - I feel like the word "optional" makes it sound like all the other steps are REQUIRED. Let's be real - we are making arts and crafts. None of this stuff is required. In life. In general. I wish I had useful skills.)

...back to the task at hand. 

Step 3: (optional) 
Paint the glitter/ModPodge mix onto the frame.

Don't forget the edges. DETAILS ARE IMPORTANT.

Step 4: (optional)
Let that dry for a little while.

Step 5: (optional)
Plot out the placement of anything you plan to glue onto the frame. Planning rules!

Step 6: (optional)
Get some of that glue onto your working surface and put some on your paint brush.

Step 7: (optional)
Glue the gems onto the frame. Let that dry for a little while. 

Step 8: 
Flip your frame over and cut the wire mesh to be about 1/2" larger than the space in the frame.

Step 9: 
Use your finger to fold the wire mesh into the edges of the frame. Make sure you really get it into the corners and that the wire is taut. This will be enough to keep the wire in place! So easy!

Step 10:
Staple the ribbon onto the back side of the two top corners of the frame.

And there you have it:
A gloriously glittery frame to house my gloriously glittery jewels! Now show me yours! Too lazy to make your own? I'll do it for you! Maybe you just want to chat. That's cool too. 

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Christine James said...

Right now i have earrings hanging from every where in my bedroom, drives the man nuts.
THANK YOU! I love gigantic gaudy earrings and making a really big one of these and just hanging it above the dresser is going to work MAGICALLY.

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