February 1, 2012

Hand Painted Tribal Cell Phone Case

The cell phone monster is back!  Watch-out electronic devices. Ima throw glitter at you.

I took a little brake from electronic accessorizing for two reasons
1. The response to the lace cell phone case was phenomenal, and I knew that the following case would be a disappointment. I think we have passed the appropriate amount of time to avoid that. 
2. My cell phone guy on Canal street disappeared! Seriously. One day he was there, the next a storefront had taken over. I spent 2 weeks mourning my loss, and 2 weeks searching for new guys. I found some street vendors in Soho, so cell phone crafting has officially resumed! And its badder than ever. Bad-ASS, that is. 

Cue the tribal music.
Hand painted Tribal Cell Phone Case. 
The interwebs tell me that tribal patter is spot on trend. You're welcome. 

1. Martha Stewart craft paint from Michael's.
2. A cell phone case from my new guys on Broadway in Soho.
3. A small paint brush and an extra small paint brush from Michael's.
4. Painter's tape from Blick. 

Step 1:
Tape off the edges of the case with the painter's tape. 

Step 2:
Use the small paintbrush to paint stripes across the back of the case. The stripes should be in a variety of sizes and in no logical pattern. Let dry.

Step 3:
Use the extra small paintbrush to paint on details and patterns. 

Step 4:
Let dry. 

Step 5:
Remove the painter's tape. 

The most fun part was coming up with the different details and patterns. 

Looking for some inspiration?

Speaking of fun, I can't stop listening to this right now:
I also can't stop watching it because they are both so freaking pretty. It's rude.

E-me with pictures of your tribal craftiness! 


*Daniëlle said...

Wow i like it.

Alexis Hershfield said...

Glee inspired?! xx

Angela Marie said...

I absolutely love that song! I also had it on my blog :) I can't get enough!

Great post, I will have to try this, i have a lot of old cases I could re-vamp! Thanks :)


Katie said...

Love your painted phone case!!!

alfred said...

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nomzam said...

Love your design. You change the whole look of phone covers. Looks amazing.

Israel said...

You used paint brush? Wow! You must really have an artist's hands.

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