February 3, 2012

Neon-Tipped Shoes

Here's the deal: Mr. Desk Job was supa demanding yesterday (and today) so I have no time for chit-chat and what-not's. But just so you know, that's why I neglected you yesterday. I'm so sorry.
(This is also why I wrote this post last night in the comfort of my bed.)

Now, I know it probably stings a little bit to hear that my desk job takes priority over you, and you might be mad at me for that. BUT, before you throw your computer across the room and start crying, think about this:
Desk job pays for the roof over my head, the food in my mouth, AND the glitter in my soul. Without desk job, I cannot buy the tools to be your crafting genius, and that would make your life simply miserable. So, you must learn to love and appreciate desk job like I have. If on occasion desk job gets a little demanding, please be patient. Desk job is your friend, and desk job needs TLC too.

Now, I will get right to the point because I have shits to do. I won't dance around it. 
You ready?
Today I am a copy cat. 
I saw this DIY Inspiration post by I Spy DIY a while back and have been looking forward to making me some neon-tipped shoes. I have no idea where the lovely Jenni of I Spy DIY found these pics but I dig 'em.

So I made myself a pair. 
Why did I wait until now to make these when I clearly saw the DIY Inspiration post back in August?
Because I just found these basic oxford for cheap at Asos.com.
That's why.

No time, no time. Let's get to it.

1. A pair of plain oxfords from Asos.com. Size: Troll. Whatever - I'm tall.
2. Painter's tape from Blick.
3. Newsprint paper from Blick. (Or old newspaper would work.)
4. Spray paint in white from Michael's.
5. Spray paint in 100% yellow from Blick.
6. A box to protect the floor. (Old newspaper would work here too.)

Step 1:
Tape off the front of the shoe with painter's tape. 

Step 2:
Use painter's tape to place the newsprint paper over the back side of the shoe. 

Step 3:

Place the shoes in the box. 

Step 4:

Spray paint the tips white. 

Step 5: 
Let dry. 

Step 6:
Spray paint tips with 100% Yellow. 

Step 7:
Let dry. 

Step 8:
Remove tape and newsprint paper. 

I'm excited to take these puppies out on the town!

Alright, I must leave you again for Mr. Desk Job. Don't miss me too much, I will be back on Monday!

Send me picspics of your DIY neon detailing! 


Angela Marie said...

Wow these look great! I definitely want to try, thanks for the awesome post!


starsforstreetlights.com said...

Wow!! These are so incredible. :) The shoes you used look so sophisticated. :)

Bubble My Licorice said...

These came out so good!

Maia Dobson said...

These oxford shoes now look extra preppy with that DIY neon tip you made. You gave me an idea with my naot shoes that I've long been wanted to re-decorate.

yuhui wang said...

Hey thanks for the post!! inspired me alot!! Heres my version!


Kayla said...

What neon color might look good with a black oxford?

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