February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Blows

I have no nifty valentines day crafting for you.
But, before you get angry at me for being a bitter single lady, you should know that I have collected the best Valentine's Day crafts from across the internets! So even though I didn't make something red and heart shaped, I still have stuff to share!

For your nails:
Triple Heart Mani via The Beauty Department

Heart nails via Blow Up Blog

Heartbeat nails via Jelly's Nails 

For your feets:
Heart Oxfords via A Beautiful Mess

These heart pumps via A Matter of Style

For the mood:
These lace doily candle holders via Martha

For your man:

Nuts Cuff links via Runway DIY 

For your thoughts:
This pixelated pop-up card via Minieco

Good stuff, right!? There are so many talented peoples on the internet. 

My lack of enthusiasm has absolutely no effect on your crafty festivness! Pat on MY back for being such a good blogger. I look out for you seasonal crafters. Just because it aint my thang doesn't mean you should go without. 
How much do you love me right now? 
I bet a lot. 


Angela Marie said...

Wow what an awesome set of ideas! Thanks :)


Anita said...

OMG! I love the paper reinforcer idea for nail painting! When I first glanced at it, I thought it was a mini pair of white sunglasses for each finger...LOL. But now I'm thinking you can use them to paint mustaches on each nail...are you with me?

Props to you for rounding up these seasonal bloggers and sharing them!

Miss ED said...

Awesome, I love the first nail polish tutorial, I might try that out in different colors :D VDay does blow, so I just celebrated with friends, instead!

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