February 17, 2012

Christopher Kane Inspired Phone Case

Oh, hai. 

I know I'm late to the party, but Net-A-Porter has become my everything. Ever. 
I have been finding cray inspiration, and I'm so excited to start some supremely rad projects.
(I share all my internet based inspiration on my tumblr, twitter, and pinterest.) 

To kick of a wonderland of fashion inspired crafting, I present to you:
A Christopher Kane Inspired Cell Phone Case

A what?!
How is this Christopher Kane inspired? 
Check out this dress:
See the resemblance? Eh? Eh?
I'm jumping on the fashion train! Who's with me?!

BTW, if you want this dress, you can't have it. It's sold out. But if it wasn't sold out, it would cost a mere four grand. No big deal. 

In other news, I wish I had so much money so I could buy this skirt

1. A print out of the lace and rainbow design that I so kindly made for you on the photoshops with my wizard skills. 
2. Scissors.
3. An X-Acto knife from a local hardware store. 
4. A clear phone case from a street vendor in soho. 
5. A black marker. 

Step 1:
Very carefully, cut out the design. 

Step 2:
Place it in the phone case. Use a marker to note the camera hole.

Step 3:
Use the X-Acto knife to cut out the camera hole. 

Step 4:
Place the paper back into the call phone case.

Step 5:
Snap the case onto your phone.

I successfully made a cell phone case inspired by a dress. We can just add that to my list of awesomeness. 

And your welcome for creating the template for download. It is my little gift to you.

I would offer to make this for you, but I really have given you everything you need to make your own. Don't be lazy. 

Maybe you also have wizard Photoshop skills and made a different design for your phone. Send me pictures please!

(go dance) 


Angela Marie said...

Wow I love it, will definitely be trying :)


LastofAll said...

Love your 'voice' and the case is pretty awesome too. Will be pinning this to my Pinterest. thank you.

Sheena's Designs said...

It says the download is no longer available :( Can you please share again?! I'm in love!

c said...

The design isn't available for download! Could you pleas put it up again??

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