February 15, 2012

Studded Mason Jar

I am taking studs to a whole new level. That's right, I'm covering my apartment with studs.  

I can't wait for that awkward moment when someone comes over and I'm wearing one of my (two) studded bags, my studded bracelet, my studded phone case, grab an advil from my studded pill box, with a studded barrette holding up my hair and a studded headband keeping the strands off my face, while I wear studded earrings. Coordinating accessories is COOL. 

Coordinating accessories with your apartment's decor is even cooler. 
Dude. I covered a mason jar in studs. If only my walls were black and I had a bunch of red candles and skulls. Instead - picture neon and sunshine. 

1. A mason jar. (Mine used to be a salsa jar from Trader Joe's.)
2. Studs from M&J.
3. Hot glue from Michael's.

Step 1:
Add hot glue to the backside of the stud.

Step 2:
Start placing the studs on the mason jar. Repeat until covered.

 The inside looked super cool!

I'm gonna use this puppy to hold some kitchen utensils. Just so they know who's boss. (Violent home-decorating.) 

If you make it, send me pics please. If you want to buy it, lemme know! 

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Miss ED said...

Bad. Ass. I say STUDDED VASE NEXT!! Imagine the dynamic :D

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