February 28, 2012

Bow Crafting Part 4: Bow Key-chain

Oh, hello. 
Here's a fun fact about me: I fucking love bows. 

Most people who know me know about the whole situation because I talk about it and sometimes I wear bows in my hair. It's really not a secret. And then I went on a three day bow crafting extravaganza. (See here, here, and here.) 
I told you there was an ellipses after Bow Crafting Part 3, not a period. 
And now you know why. 

Bow crafting never ends. I will continue making bows forever. Or at least until I develop arthritis in my hands OR go blind. 
...Not sure which will come first. I'm taking bets. 

Why I made a bow key-chain:
I get made fun of on the regular for my current key chain situation. Mostly because I look like a janitor. 
On my key chain, you will find:

-My wallet. (Yes. I use one of those little key chain pouches as a wallet. It is phat. It is also fat because wallets should be larger. I'm 15 years late on the slang.)
-A Duane Reade flex card. (Go savings!)
-Two bike-lock keys. (I ride a bike for transportation regularly. Imagine me with a helmet. It's super cute.)
-A key to my sister's apartment. 
-My mail key.
-My building key.
-My Front door key.
-A bottle opener gifted to me from Mr. Desk Job. (Drinking is part of the job description.)
-A key fob for Mr. Desk Job. 
...I would make fun of me too. 
Carrying all of my possessions around the office has been straight up annoying. So I decided to make a key chain exclusively for my key fob to lighten my load. 

Cue the bow key-chain:
Cute. So Cute. Super Cute. (Anyone else watch Happy Endings?)

One could say my new key chain is similar to this Marc Jacobs version, if one wanted to:

1. Pasta machine from Michael's.
2. Pliers from a local Hardware store. 
3. Fimo from Blick. 
4. A key chain from Toho Shoji. 
5. A push pin from Staple's.
5. An X-Acto knife from a local hardware store. 

Step 1:
Follow my fimo bow instructions here. Only alteration: Use the push pin to make a hole in one corner before baking the fimo. 

Step 2:
Use the pliers to attach the key chain to the bow through the hole you created with the push pin. 

Not only do I like the way this looks, I also like the way it feels. It's all smooth and shit, and easy to hold and carry around. 
I feel so rad when I wear jeans and pop the fob in my pocket. I have this lil' blue bow hanging out. 
I'm just too cool for school. 


Daisy said...

I think your bow key chain is way cooler than the Marc Jacobs one. Just sayin. :D

The Creative Muslimah said...

cute idea! thanks for sharing!

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