February 10, 2012

Mustache Phone Case

My recent mustache necklace was a hit. I got lots o' wonderful feedback over the interwebs and in person. I learned that many of you, not unlike myself, love accessorizing with mustaches. And who can blame us, really?

So I decided to milk the mustache love for all that it's worth and make...
A Mustache Phone Case!
This is magical because I mixed two things I love to make something new: Cell phone cases and mustaches. 

I am not the first to slap a mustache on the back of a phone case. 
Mr. Dannjio was actually the pioneer on this one. 
But who really wants to cough up 98 big ones for a cell phone case? Definitely not a twenty something crafty lady who is trying to save up for a couch.

My version cost maybe 10 bucks. MAYBE. 

1. Martha Stewart craft paint in black from Michael's.
2. A phone case from my NEW guy in Soho. 
3. Martha Stewart liquid gilding from Michael's. (I ended up using silver, because, why the hell not?!)
4. A small paint brush from Michael's. 
5. Martha Stewart pouncing foam from Michael's.
6. Painter's tape from Blick.
7. *Not Pictured* An X-Acto knife from a local hardware store. 
8. A print out of this template:
 (Go on, download it. I made it just for you!)

Step 1:
Paint the back and sides of the case with the liquid gilding. 

Step 2:
Use the X-Acto knife to cut out the bottom half of the template. Then use the same tool to cut out the mustache shape. 

Step 3:
Use painter's tape to hold the template in place. 

Step 4:
Use the foam pouncer to paint over the mustache shape. 

Step 5:
Remove the template and let dry. 


Where else should I slap on a mustache? A ring? An earring? MY FACE?!
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ALSO, just because I love imposing my music-listening-tendencies on you, everyone should watch OK Go's latest video. It's pretty much the cat's pajamas. 


Ana Berg said...

You're very creative. I love the great work done on this mustache iphone case. I'd like to evaluate the costing first before any attempt is made. rechargeable iphone case

Daphne Ng said...

What kinda paint can I use because they don't se;; the MS paint here! BOO ):
Acrylic? Something that stays would be good!


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