February 16, 2012

Plastic Collar, Hollar!

I'm for cray excited about today's post. Mostly because it's super rad. 

What I did was I took these (fantastic) plastic bows and crossbred them with this chain collar (hollar).
Their offspring looks amazeballs. (Who would've thunk it?)

I would like to introduce you to,
My Plastic Collar!

Here's some exciting news (to keep you coming back): I already started THREE other collars! Eeeeek! So exciting. One of them should be ready by early next week. The others might take a little while longer. But I'm already excited about them. (If you could see my face, you would know that I'm for shits excited.)

1. Plastic material from Canal Plastics.
2. A piece of newsprint or other scrap paper. 
3. Pinking shears from Purl Soho. 
4. Scissors.
5. E6000 glue from M&J.
6. Thread from M&J.
7. A writing utensil. 
8. Small rhinestones from Toho.
9. A paper plate from Target.
10. Pliers from a local hardware store. 
11. Silver chain from Toho. 
12. Silver loops from Toho. 

Step 1:
Cut out the center of the paper plate. 

Step 2:
Place the cut-out over the edge of the newsprint or scrap paper. 

Step 3:
Use the writing utensil to trace around the cut out. 

Step 4:
Fine the halfpoint of the tracing and draw half of a peter pan collar. 

Step 5:
Cut out the half collar. 

Step 6:
Place the cut out over a folded piece of plastic. The folded edge should align with the center part of the collar. Cut the folded plastic using the half collar as a guide. 

Step 7:
Use the pinking shears along the outside edge of the collar. 

Step 8:
Use the sewing machine to sew a hem around the edges of the collar. 

Step 9:
Use the glue to add rhinestones in a random pattern. 

Step 10:
Use the pliers to attach the metal chain and lobster claw hook to the ends of the plastic collar. 

This instagram picture from last night is to show you what it looks like on: It looks awesome on
And you would have seen this sweet sneak peek last night IF you followed me on facebook, twitter and/or tumblr. Just sayin'.
Fun stuff, right? So fly

Send me pictures of all of the pretty collars you made! Or, I'll make one for you!


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