February 8, 2012

Violent Accessorizing: Spiked Headband

Yesterday I told you that today's post was going to be the tits. When I stated that, I was actually expecting to post something different today, but then last night shit hit the fan, and let's just say - the fimo wouldn't stay hard. 
Waaa Waaaaa. 

I would try again tonight but I plan to be drinking, so that project won't be ready for another couple of days. (Do you like how I am barely giving any hints as to what I am working on. This is how I keep you coming back. Suspense.)

Fear not, you crafty cucaracha. Today's post is particularly rad (and easy to make).

In case you are out of the loop, studs and spikes are IN. I have deeply enjoyed making a variety of violent accessories. Like this phone case, this pill box, this bracelet, this bracelet, these earrings, this hair barrette, and this business card holder. Obviously studs and spikes are near and dear to my heart. I hope that by continuing to make violent accessories I can perpetuate this trend. One craft at a time. 

The spikes have made it onto... A HEADBAND.
I know. You are all like "That's two headbands in ONE WEEK. Chill Melissa." And, I hear you. But I have to tell you, I made a third headband that I will share later this week (or early next). The thing is, I got three headbands in one pack at M&J last week and I can't stop crafting on them. If you don't like it, you can leave
(Except please don't! I make lots of other stuff! I swear it. Please stay. I love you.)

1. Spikes from M&J.
2. Headband from M&J.
3. E6000 glue from M&J

Step 1:
Add a small glob of glue to the bottom of a spike. 

Step 2:
Place spike on headband. Repeat for as many spikes as you want to add. 

SO simple. 

I like how the violence of this accessory is understated beacuase the spikes I chose are small-ish. Maybe you like to be more aggresive with your violent accessories. Spikes come in lots 'o sizes, so that spike can be as high as the sky, if you so desire. 

ALSO, this could totally double as a crown of thrones if, for some reason, you are working on a modern interpretation of Jesus on the cross. 
I minored in art history. And that is my explanation for such a wildly inappropriate comment. 

OH AND, going with the theme of violence, I am girl crushing so hard on M.I.A. right now. Her new video is rocking my world. 

Send me picpics of your crafty headgear. Or I'll make you some! E-ME!


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I love this!

Amber said...

I need to make this

Matter Of Style said...

hey! Lovely page and you're super funny! :D

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