February 6, 2012

Rhinestone Headband

Hello chickens. 
While you were watching the super-bowl (commercials) and drinking beer, I was busy watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Parts 1 and 2) and making this little ditty:

This pretty hair piece was inspired by Miu Miu's Jewelry catalog:

I might be the only New Yorker who did not tune in to the game (halftime show). 
"Why not, you anti-social loser?" you ask. 
Because I don't understand football nor do I enjoy watching organized team sports. Don't get me wrong - I'm athletic - I have some ninja hand-eye coordination AND I ran a mother f-ing marathon. (No big deal.) I'm just not team oriented (or spirited). 

I have no idea what the rules of football are and I find the whole thing painfully boring.* To me football means watching a bunch of men in tights and shoulder-pads run around a field for like 10 hours. (Why is it SO long?!) This might mean I'm a bad American, but hey, at least I wasn't hung over for work on a Monday morning.
*My dad is not proud of my complete inability to grasp football.

To illustrate my point, I made you a collage. You're welcome.
This is what football would have to look like to catch my interest:
This is why I'm single.
I have also discovered I have a new hobbie: Making ridiculous collages on Photoshop. Just another way to ensure everyone I know thinks I'm bat-shit crazy. Fun times!

Since football does not look like the above picture, I made a sparkle-y headband during the Super bowl. And then I paraded around my apartment (alone) wearing it like the bad-ass that I am. You stopped reading when you saw the picture didn't you. Oh well, I'll continue anyways. For my own entertainment. 

1. A plain headband from M&J.
2. Scissors.
3. Embroidery thread from Michael's. (I was pleasantly surprised to learn I had enough gold thread for the entire headband, so I didn't use the pink or purple.)
4. E6000 glue from M&J.
5. Rhinestone chain. Mine is actually one of those horrible belts that we thought were cool circa 2001. No? That was just me!? Yikes. No matter. You can get rhinestone chain at M&J or Toho Shoji. 

Step 1:
Cut the rhinestone chain to about 9 inches. 

Step 2:
Add glue to the outward-facing side of the headband.

Step 3:
Place the rhinestone chain over the glue. 

Step 4:
Add some glue to the inward-facing side of the headband and wrap the embroidery thread around it. 

Step 5:
Start wrapping the thread around the headband in between the rhinestones. 

Step 6:
When you get to the bottom tie a knot. 

Step 7:
Add some glue over the knot to seal it. 

I love putting pretty gold things in my hairs! 
And also, I'm the worst at taking pictures of myself. I would get a friend to do it, but that would take coordinating and involve me being in front of a camera, and none of those things are happening. 

Did you watch the superbowl? Did you not watch the super bowl and make an awesome collage instead? Did you make a rhinestone headband? Do you want me to make a rhinestone headband for you? TELL ME!

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Felicia said...

I love this headband! Someday I will totally make one.

I went to a Superbowl party yesterday at an aunt & uncle's (in-law) house, and since I don't understand football at all, I brought my knitting and finished some fingerless mittens I was making for my hubby :) I enjoy Superbowl parties for the food. Free food is always good.

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