February 27, 2012

Cole Haan Inspired Brogues

A few months (weeks) back I bought a few pairs of shoes from Asos so I could craft them into more exciting versions of themselves. First, I made the J.Crew inspired gold loafer. Then, the neon tipped pair. This weekend, I made this rad pair of Cole Haan inspired brogues.

Check it:

Here is the original pair:
You can buy these for a cool $178.00 from Zappos. Or, you could go with the crafty route and save yourself a good hundred bucks. Crafting win!

1. Brogues from Asos.
2. Martha Stewart craft paint from Michael's. 
3. A small paint brush from Michael's.
4. An extra extra extra small paint brush from Michael's. 

Step 1:
Paint the soles of the shoes. You may need a couple of layers.

Step 2:
Paint the edges of the shoes. 

Step 3:
Use the extra extra extra small brush to paint in the holes. Be careful not to get paint outside of the holes. 

I'm excited to take my lady-brogues out for a stroll. I wish I could make these in so many different colors. 

What do you think?! Don't you love them! I know I do. So hard. 
And I love hate to say it, but I kind of think mine look better than the Cole Haan version. Sorry, Cole. My shades of pink and tan just work. Suck it. 


InéesAveiro said...

this is so lovely *-*

Anita said...

Sweeeeet! I saw on another blog where they used neon duct tape for the part on the sole, so if you don't mind a color clash with the dots...you could change yours too! (but I don't think you'd want to since they are so awesome!!)

Miss F. said...

This looks so awesome! Just found your blog, and I think it's really cool! I hope you visit my blog if you have time :)


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