March 30, 2012

Chain Crafting Part 4: Double Chain Necklace

Guess what? It's Friday. Put on your booty shakin' pants and grab a cocktail. 
It's the freaking weekend baby, I'm about to have me some fun.
My plans for the weekend are to play drunk board games with my ladies while watching Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. LIVIN' LARGE.
(This is why I'm single.)

Fun fact: I woke up at 6 am this morning due to sunlight and also dehydration from all of the vodka I drank last night. After chugging two galsses of water, I did some early morning crafting. 
Yeah. I crafted at 6 am. I think I crossed the line that separated the crafting from hobby to addiction. Everyone has their vice. I'll take crafts over crack any day. Know why? Crack is whack.

Due to my general lack of motor skills before 8 am, I made a simple lil' ditty. (Simple, yet awesome.) I would be lying if I told you that my besty didn't make a similar version of this a few weeks back. Whatever. They were MY supplies...
(Thanks for the idea, Keighty!)

1. Pliers from a local hardware store. 
2. Two varieties of chain from Toho Shoji.
3. Lobster clasp from Toho Shoji.
4. Metal loops from Toho Shoji. 
5. Scissors. 

Step 1:
Use the scissors to cut the chains to your desired length. One should be two inches longer than the other.

Step 2:
Use the pliers to hook one end of both chains onto a metal loop. 

Step 3:
Repeat step 2 on the other end of the chains, but this time with the lobster clasp.

Now, when "Bad Girls" starts playing and I'm desperately trying to dance like M.I.A, I'll have some props!
My chain hits my chest
When I'm banging on the dashboard
My chain hits my chest
When I'm banging on the radio
When I play with my DIY 
I feel really badass but I look 
(Moving forward, I'll leave the songwriting to M.I.A. Go gurl.) 

YO! I put this puppy on ETSY! BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT.

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Angela Marie said...

This looks fabulous! Thanks for the inspiration :)

angela - the lovely cup

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