April 2, 2012

Neon Rainbow Glitter Vase

Hey, guys! I made a neon rainbow glitter vase.

I'm pretty much obsessed. 

It's very Kate Spade "Live Colorfully" and that makes me happy.
(I wish you were more affordable, Kate Spade.) 

No, I won't be buying flowers for my vase, because Lola would knock that shit down immediately.  I'll keep these classy-ass fake flowers from Michael's on display. Forever. 

1. Vase from Michael's.
2. Martha Stewart neon glitter from Michael's.
3. Double stick tape from Michael's.

Step 1:
Wrap a piece of tape around the vase. 

Step 2:
Pour glitter over tape until covered. Tap off. Repeat steps with different glitter colors (or not) until you reach the bottom of the vase. 

You made it? Send pics here. You want it but lack the hand-eye coordination? Request a price here


Alexis Hershfield said...

i love u.

Vanessa Swain said...

Trade the flowers for white branches :D

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, brilliant execution. I wish I had an ounce of creativity in me so I could even begin to try this. But then again, i would end up with my cat covered in double-sided tape and glitter and have to explain to the vet why my cat is now a raver. So until then, I'm watching your rad DIY's. Keep it up! So many giggles, so many.

FlowerLand said...

Sooo cool!!!Very nice idea! Thank you for charing!

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