March 5, 2012

Craft Redemption: A Better Earring Tree

Hello, chickens.
Back when this lil' bloggy here was just a babe and I was building up a boatload of content, I made a pretty lackluster earring tree. Lackluster is probably a bad word choice, because it is oh-so-sprakley, but *maybe* not my best work. 

As part of my efforts to always show you awesome shit, I decided to redeem myself with this here earring tree. (i.e. the title, "Craft Redemption." In case you live under a rock, this is a Tosh.0 reference.)
Redeemed. This is just tops. 
Elegant? Check. 
Trendy? Check. (Hallo-oh lace and mint green.)
Practical? Check.
Easy to make? Fuck, yeaaaah!

1. An old frame from Junk. (I talked extensively about how awesome Junk is here.)
2.  Scissors. 
3. A staple gun from Staple's.
4. Spray paint from Blick. 
5. Stretchy lace from the spandex specialty store on 37th and 7th. 
Ignore the ribbon. I decided to do without it. 

Step 1:
Spray paint the entire frame and let dry. 

Step 2:
Cut a piece of lace to fit the frame. 

"Oh, haiiii. Dis is my new launch pad, rite? I'll sit on it while you try to take da pictures."

Step 3:
Staple the lace across the backside of the frame. Make sure the lace is taught. 

As always, send me pictures of your DIY earring tree, or ask me to make you one. Here

ALSO! Don't forget to enter to win the studded headband. Yeah-yuh! Instructions here. 

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Anita said...

Yet another great idea, Melissa! Totally on trend and purty to boot. Bravo!

Michelle S said...

This is genius. Wow.

zozo said...

i love the lace. this is my version of a jewellery display,

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