March 27, 2012

Crafting Fail: "Up-Cycled" Bracelet

Hey! Remember that time I 'Up-Cycled' an old bracelet?! Well, in the words of my girl Birtney, "Oops, I did it again." 
And I use the word 'oops' purposefully, because I sort of butchered a boring, yet OK, bracelet. Truth is I probably won't wear the new version (ever), which isn't such a loss because I never wore the old version. I mean maybe I did, like 5 years ago. But not anymore. 

Ladies and uh, feminine gentlemen (and to my three guy friends who read this. Hey, dude!) I am presenting to you my first crafting fail. 

I know, your jaw has dropped and you're all like, "Whaaaaaa!! FAIL?! Bitch, you is perfect." But alas, I am not. Even I, the great crafting genius of 2012 (and beyond) occasionally makes something wack. (Maybe one day I'll show you pictures of all of my crafting fails. If you behave...) 

This brings up some questions: "Why are you showing us a fail? What can we learn from this?" 
The answer is three fold.
1. What not to do. Learning when to stop crating is an art form that I have clearly not mastered. But with every fail, this instinct becomes stronger. Some day, I will be craft-fail-free. 
2. Admitting to failure is OK. A lot of my imaginary friends have told me how they enjoy reading le blog, but would never make anything in fear of becoming frustrated if things didn't go right. In response, I let my imaginary friends know that I fuck up ALL THE TIME. But I learn from my mistakes. Chin up, lady friend. Chin up. 
3. The idea is good. Just because this bracelet looks a little clownish doesn't mean the idea to up-cylce with pops of color is a bad one. It was just executed poorly on this bracelet and now it looks like it belongs on the wrist of a jester. 

See what I mean:

I know the link below says "See how I made this!" but today it should probably read "See how I fucked this one up!" Unfortunately, I can't customize that per post, so use your imagination. 

1. Paint brush from Michael's.
2. Craft paint from Michael's.
3. Old bracelet. I believe this one was from Urban Outfitters. 

Paint the facets in different colors with the craft paint. 

If you do this right, you will end up with this tacky mess:

Lola took to the bracelet:
"I can plz has dis ugly circular device."

I clearly don't love this bracelet. I see two options: 
1. Throw it away. 
2. Attempt to remove the paint with polish remover and try again.

You guessed it, I'm going with #2. Stay tuned for updates. But don't hold your breath. I'm busy as shit this week. 


C said...

using acrylic paint will make a much smoother finish. i think that would make a world of difference, because the colors are fun and on trend for spring/summer!

Abby Tobin said...

glitter and studs would fix that.. they fix everything.

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