March 8, 2012

DIY Pixie Market Sweater

The internets are a dangerous place for a me to roam free.
I'm one of those shoppers where I see something and my reaction is, "Holy shit. I NEED that. I have no idea how I lived without this item until now. This is essential. A staple. Totally worth it despite my skinny wallet. I'll be happy I bought this later." And then I compulsively buy.

I found one such item on pixie market the other day and had the inner monologue summarized above. Then, an epiphany. I can make this! 
Mine was free-ish because I already owned all the materials.

172 dolares, por favor. 
That's a lot of shekels.
MAYBE this one is an angora wool blend, and mine is cheap cotton. So what? Who the hell wants wool this time of year anyways.
Crafting always wins. 

2. E6000 glue from M&J.
3. Rhinestones from Michael's. 

Arrange the rhinestones on the shirt in a random patters. Then glue them down with the E6000 glue. Let dry overnight.

Photo Credit: @PeterMacari

My mani matches my shirt! 
Coordinating is lame COOL. 

Hey! I'm not going to offer to make this for you because it's so easy. Go buy some rhinestones. I believe in you. But you should still send me pictures. Or just love and attention in general. You know how much I love it. GO. 

Don't forget to enter to win the supremely awesome studded headband! A original. 


Maya said...

love the sweater!! Also, I have that same problem. Everything I see I'm like "Oh my God! That's going to complete my whole wardrobe! I can wear it with anything! I MUST HAVE IT!!"

Soccer Mom Style said...

Hey, the previous reader has the same name as I :) Saw this on Carly's blog and had to come check it out!
Looks really chic on you. And I'm loving matching nails.
I'm your newest follower. Come check out my blog too please. Like you, I love fashion DIY's.

claire said...

Wonderful! So beautiful! I like it very much. Thank you for sharing it. Now I want to share you some fashionable and cheap Abercrombie Sale clothes.

Agy said...


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