March 9, 2012

DIY Dannijo Bib

Happy Friday my crafty creatures!
In blog news:
I am so excited to have completed my first giveaway today! (Congrats to Hanna Lorraine!)
I also set up a fun new feature: a form to sign up for emails! Check it out to your right! 
Some people (mostly family) have been asking if I could send email updates on occasion to let them know when I post to le blog. Initially my reaction was like, "You're my uncle, fool. If you loved me you would check my site on a daily basis." But then I remembered that the universe doesn't revolve around me so I changed my attitude to, "Dude. Get on bloglovin'. Or Google reader. Or Blogger. It does all that work for me." But then I remembered my least favorite lesson learned when I worked in reatil: The customer is always right. 
Alas, I have decided send out a weekly email to any persons interested in knowing what I have posted in the previous seven days. 
Cheers, Uncle Guy. This is all for you. 
(I can't wait to see how long it is, if ever, that said uncle sees this.) 

In crafty news:
I made a Dannijo inspired bib!

The real shits:
Buy it here for a cool $745.00. Or...
Make my version for $12.95. 

Think about that. 

1. Nail polish in assorted bright colors from Duane Reade and American Apparel.
2. Rhinestone bib necklace from Forever 21.

Step 1:
Add a small dab of brightly colored polish to the rhinestones. Do this in a logical stripe-like pattern. Leave some rhinestones plain to keep the sparkle. 

Step 2:
Let dry. 

That was so challenging.

Instagram sneak peek from this morning:

And here I am, wearing my new bib at work. Clearly having a fantastic day. Not at all thinking about murder. 

What do you think about the necklace? What do you think about my new weekly email idea? e-me. 


Anita said...

Ooooh! Your version is divine. Love it!!! Can I Pin it?

Yak Man said...

Freaking awesome!

Melissa Hope said...

Pin away!

zhenni (: said...

You are so awesome that I read ALL your blog posts (feels like a stalker now :( The email idea sounds awesome :) but I check back regardless anyways

Julieta V said...

Fabulous DIY! I'm a big fan of Dannijo and your necklace is perfect.

xoxo Julieta

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