March 19, 2012

Up-Cycle: Nail Polish Shelf

Oh, hey y'all! I'm back from my one-week sabbatical! 
Boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Did I miss you! I bet you missed me too. Didn't ya? DIDN'T YA!?

Enough of that. Let's get to the good stuff. 
Here's the deal: I hoard nail polish. It's not a big deal - it's just a thing that I do. Previously my nail polish collection sat in my end table drawer, unorganized and messy. This weekend, I transformed my Birchbox boxes into pretty display shelves for my collection:
It's pretty AND organized. 
I felt so productive this weekend for having made one minor home improvement. I like my bedroom even more than I did before. I just want to sit at my vanity all day. 
I get it, Home Depot. Home improvement is the tits!

1. Paint brush from Michael's.
2. Scissors. 
3. Spray paint from Blick. 
4. Modpodge from Michael's.
5. Decorative paper from Blick and NY Central.
6. Old Birchbox boxes. 
7. A Pencil. 

Step 1:
Spray paint the sides of the boxes. Use the bottom halves, as they are deeper. Let dry. 

Step 2:
On the backside of the decorative paper, draw this shape. The center rectangle should be the size of the bottom of the box. 

Step 3:
Cut out the corner squares. 

Step 4:
Fold the paper along the lines. You should be folding into the decorative side. 

Step 5:
Paint the bottom of the inside of the box with the Modpodge. 

Step 6:

Place the decorative paper inside the box. 

Step 7:
Glue the folded pieces of the decorative paper to the inside sides of the box. 

Step 8:
Trim the decorative paper. 

Step 9:
Attach the box to the wall any which way you please. I used 3M tape. You can also use some small nails. OR you can use this as a nicknack box on a table top. The possibilities are endless!



So much better. 
Oh, and then, I had a lil' photo shoot with Lolapants. 
"What iz dis shiny device?"

"Ok, I be pretty for you."

"Bitch. Enough. Leave."

Feel free to email me with all of the things you think Lola was thinking. Also, you can tell me about how much you missed me over the past week. Or just comment below! Oh, and - if you made this project, send me your pictures!

Also, I watched this movie over the weekend and I think you should see it too. 


Amber said...

Are those similar to shoeboxes?

claire said...

Wonderful! So beautiful! I like it very much. Thank you for sharing it. Now I want to share you some fashionable and cheap Abercrombie Sale clothes.

Anonymous said...

Cute ! Love the colour coordination !
The shelves come from the same sort of idea as my recently DIYed sunglasses shelf ;)

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